Going Neutral

“The Yogi is one who the pair of opposites does not control.

Neither heat nor cold, praise nor blame, affect the Yogi.” 

– Yoga Sutras II, 48

One definition of a Yogi is one who does not react. In Kundalini Yoga, we call this non-reactive state the Neutral Mind.

The Neutral Mind is essentially the meditative mind, in which there is an ability to access and discern the reality of a situation before action is taken. Otherwise, without this meditative mind there is a strong tendency to simply react, or to polarize and position ourselves in a place of duality.

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Why is this essential?

Reaction allows the karmic cycle to continue and spin so that our actions, our words, and our thoughts are always being triggered by the actions, words, and thoughts of others. And consequently, our reactions contribute to that cycle of polarization that prevents the experience of union and oneness that is the result of yoga well practiced.

The Neutral Mind allows polarities to exist together in a unified field, realizing that both are part of the same play, like night and day, hot and cold, male and female, and we are not required to hold one while rejecting or ignoring the other.

The Neutral Mind is actually one of the three Functional Minds all humans possess. The other two minds are the Negative Mind and the Positive Mind, again like the two poles or polarities of a magnet.

When you are able to live non-reactively, in a space of discerning assessment, there is a peace and acceptance that is profound, and well worth seeking.

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Meditation and the equanimity of the Heart Chakra and the foundations on which to reach our Neutral Mind.

Here is one Kundalini Yoga meditation specifically for the Neutral Mind:

In a meditative posture, place your hands in your lap with palms facing up. Rest right hand in left hand. Thumbs may (or may not) touch. Allow your eyes to relax at the brow point and feel energy gathering there.

Mentally vibrate at the third eye point this sound (mantra) these four sounds:


In a distinct monotone as if each sound is chopped off and projected.

Ideally continue for 11 to 31 minutes

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And if you wish to further explore and develop your neutral mind through meditation, please join us for our meditation immersion and Kundalini Yoga Level 2 training (open to everyone!) that begins February 5th  


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