Self-Mastery and Community: A Kundalini Yoga Formula

When attending Kundalini Yoga, you soon discover that there seem to be countless yoga sets, kriyas and meditations you can practice. 

Some teachers never repeat a class over the course of a year.

And no wonder – it has been estimated there are over 3,500 Kundalini Yoga kriyas and meditations!

Can you ever hope to experience it all? 

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Yes. If you can develop your own relationship to the practice and establish a regular daily yoga routine (sadhana), you will receive the complete benefits promised by Kundalini Yoga.

In ancient times, you would live in an ashram, a spiritual community of like-minded seekers, to develop your daily practice with the support of teachers and others around you.

In our current day and age, the closest thing we have to an ashram where people can share and travel together on a spiritual journey is a Kundalini Teacher training program.

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Perhaps you have no desire to teach yoga. However, in the process of engaging the yoga as a teacher in training, you will gain mastery not only of the yoga but of yourself as well.

How do you take the step from simply learning about Kundalini Yoga to teaching it – even if you are only teaching yourself?

There is a formal avenue for all of this – a KRI (Kundalini Research Institute) Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training program that gives you international certification as a yoga teacher.

Yoga is about transformation at the deepest possible level and that takes both time, commitment, teachers, and a community to support each other. 

And that is what Kundalini Yoga Teacher training is really about. Community and a structured discipline you can bring to your life through your own daily practice.

Whether you want to teach yoga or not, if you want to grow and change beyond your expectations, Kundalini Teacher training is the way. Come join us!

We are now enrolling for our January online training. Open worldwide.  

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