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Click on your Sun sign below and enjoy learning about yourself in two ways. The first description is the general characteristics of your Sun sign. The second description helps you understand how to best engage with your spiritual journey.




ARIES Sun (April 14-May 14)

If you were born April 14 to May 14, your birth Sun is in Aries according to Vedic Astrology. This is the most powerful sign for the Sun to be situated. Aries is associated with the planet Mars and is distinguished by its qualities of initiative, independence, ambition, courage, competitiveness, and action. The sign is also characterized by its youthfulness, with all the gifts and challenges associated with youth.

The Aries person wants to be the best in everything and is a natural leader. They have good discretion and a desire to advance quickly both materially and spiritually. They enjoy setting and reaching personal goals and have good tactical intelligence. 

The Spiritual Journey of Aries Sun

You are quick to begin a spiritual practice, but you may also be quick to drop it as other things, especially new opportunities, compete for your attention. You do best with a spiritual practice when you set a goal and challenge yourself to accomplish it. 

You enjoy a practice that offers physical exercise and the opportunity for accomplishment. You can accomplish much in your journey if you do not become unyielding or headstrong. 

The perceived self-centeredness of an Aries person can lead to heightened self-awareness and a deep quest for spiritual self-realization. 

Your strong streak of individualism can evolve into an understanding of the universal self. You embrace your natural role of the spiritual warrior and win on the battleground of the ego. 

Because of your self-sufficiency, you excel in the solitary practice of meditation if you quell your inner restlessness. Your natural element is fire; the key to deep inner transformation, and your innate quality is one of positive action. A strong-will applied with focus is your greatest strength in life.


TAURUS Sun (May 15-June 14)

If you were born May 15 to June 14, your birth Sun is in Taurus according to Vedic Astrology. Venus is the planet associated with Taurus and brings its sensual nature, love of beautiful things, and appreciation for the arts to this sign. 

They are earthy and practical people who are at home in the material world and appreciate the play and enjoyment of the senses. They are good at managing their resources and finances and can sometimes become possessive in their things and relationships.

They can be obstinate when pushed and appreciate a kind and patient approach to life. They work through things carefully and will rarely rush.  They have a strong belief in themselves and their abilities. They can be skilled in business and usually marry well. They enjoy food and may have musical talents. 

The Spiritual Journey of Taurus Sun

With your practical, stable, resourceful, reliable, patient approach to life, you will likely enjoy a methodical, pragmatic approach to your spiritual journey.  

You may become fixed in a routine, however, and not be willing to change your practice. Be aware of a tendency to choose comfort and sensual pleasures over effort and sacrifice required to travel the spiritual journey.

Once you get going with your practice, however, you will go the distance. You can use your patience, perseverance, and stability to create a lasting practice. 

It is easier for you to do your practices in a beautiful and comfortable surrounding with flowers, incense, and elevating music. 

Your attachment to materiality does not make for the typical spiritual renunciate; however, you see no conflict in a spiritual path that embraces the pleasures of the material world. 

In fact, one of the purposes of the incarnation as a Taurus is to learn to be in the world but not be part of it – to enjoy the play of the sensory world, and to see it as such. 

It is a beautiful sign to both enjoy and transcend the earthly realm.


GEMINI Sun (June 15-July 15)

If you were born June 15 to July 15, your birth Sun is in Gemini according to Vedic Astrology. Mercury is the planet associated with Gemini and brings quickness and lightness to this sign. They are intelligent with skills and abilities in many different areas and are well educated. They love to read, write, talk, and joke. They are good in business and can be skillful with money and are good communicators. 

They take a broad-based view of life and prefer to learn a little about a lot of things than a lot about one thing. Because of this wide-ranging interest and constant need for mental stimulation, they tend to do too much at once and can become scattered. They require change and variety in life, and dislike being bored.   

The Spiritual Journey of Gemini Sun

You enjoy variety in your spiritual journey and are a fast learner, but you may try to do many things at once. Your attention often wanders, so you like practices that incorporate different elements, such as movement, music, or mantra. Learning to become still so your can focus your mind is necessary in your journey. If you can maintain a sustained practice, you get the greatest gift you need to fulfill your life – the gift of focus. 

You love to read and talk about spirituality, as much as practice it, and you have an affinity for learning and using new approaches.

You can excel at the practice of using the mind to understand the nature of Self if you employ meditation to master your mind.

Your spiritual journey will allow you to detach yourself from the mind’s cleverness and certainty of knowing, and then you discover the power of your own intuition to guide.


CANCER Sun (July 16-August 16) 

If you were born July 16 to August 16, your birth Sun is in Cancer according to Vedic Astrology. The Moon is associated with Cancer and gives its emotional, sensitive, and changeable quality to this sign.  Cancer people like to live near water, greenery, or gardens. They are attached to their home and inner emotional life although they also enjoy traveling. They have excellent intuition and trust their feelings over their thoughts. They have a real need to nurture, teach, and heal and often have connections with children and young people.

The sign of Cancer can make the person mysterious, introspective, changeable, and adaptable. One of their main motivations is to create a sense of lasting security in their homes, their family, and relationships. They are very sensitive as to how physical and emotional environments affect their state of mind.

The Spiritual Journey of Cancer 

You are naturally intuitive around your spiritual journey and are an ideal candidate for creating your own home practice. You enjoy collecting books about spirituality and often make good friends on your spiritual journey.

Spiritual practices and meditation can provide you with a neutral mind and greater emotional stability, as well as a way to socialize with people of your own interests. 

The spiritual journey of Cancer can provide what you have been seeking all their lives: lasting peace through emotional security. 

This comes about when you understand true security comes when you surrender the dependence on outer things to achieve it, be it a home, a job, or a relationship, and find the lasting security that comes from true knowledge of the Self’s infinite nature.


LEO Sun (August 17-September 16) 

If you were born August 17 to September 16, your birth Sun is in Leo according to Vedic Astrology. The Sun is associated with Leo and gives a royal, confident, and dignified quality to this sign. Leo people are generally strong, attractive, and successful in whatever they set out to do. They can be intense, self-centered, and perceived as being prideful or aloof. They often think they are right, and they usually are, but that may not necessarily endear them to others. They have high goals and ambitions. People are attracted to their natural warmth and generosity.  

The sign of Leo is fixed and fiery, like the Sun, and possesses a sattvic quality that makes it the ideal placement for a just and independent leader. Leo people enjoy being the center of attention and will happily believe all flattering remarks. They possess both regal and spiritual charisma.

The Spiritual Journey of Leo 

Your journey may involve studying with a successful teacher and perhaps even becoming a teacher yourself.  You often develop a strong liking for your own spiritual path, and its associated practices, so part of your journey is also becoming accepting of all approaches to spirituality.

The spiritual journey of Leo is one in which the ego is directly confronted, tamed, and transcended by the practice of meditation and service. When you can accept a teacher, or a higher spiritual authority, you can escape the entrapment of your own manufactured agenda and embrace your spiritual identity. 

Realize that the spiritual journey of Leo is not about leaving, negating, or dismissing your ego but using it to become a spiritual light to all those around them.


VIRGO Sun (September 17-October 16)

If you were born September 17 to October 16, your birth Sun is in Virgo according to Vedic Astrology. Mercury is the planet associated with Virgo and gives its intellectual and naturally communicative style to this sign. Virgo people are well educated, enjoy continual learning, and live primarily in the mental realm. They are open, honest and care sincerely for others but can be forceful in their opinions. There is a tendency to criticize that may annoy others, but they simply want everyone and everything to be as perfect as this world will allow. 

They are well organized and detail-oriented and hate to make mistakes. They are analytical and love to categorize and have an amazing memory for facts and information. They are super-practical and delight in putting the material world in proper order. They can form strong habits, good and bad, and are happy when they engage in self-improvement practices to enhance their health.

The Spiritual Journey of Virgo 

The spiritual journey of Virgo often begins as a drive for perfection and self-improvement. You are disciplined, detailed, discerning, and concerned with health and you enjoy spiritual practices that are structured and organized with attention to specifics, routine, and health-producing benefits.  

You like to follow instructions and get it right so watch that your perfectionist tendencies don’t get you lost in the details.

Harness your critical faculty to avoid being overly critical of their own progress in the journey. This can be accomplished by engaging your natural need to be of service to others. 

Your analytical and busy mind can be balanced through the regular practice of meditation in which there is a removal of identification from your thoughts and a growing realization of the higher intelligence behind those thoughts.


LIBRA Sun (October 17-November 15)

If you were born October 17 to November 15, your birth Sun is in Libra according to Vedic Astrology. Venus, the planet associated with this sign, gives a love of balance, harmony, and beauty.  Libra people are fair-minded to a fault and may tend to be indecisive as they always consider both sides of any situation. They are relationship oriented, both socially and in their life partnerships. They are straightforward yet diplomatic in their opinions and interactions. They are sensually inclined, like beautiful things, and enjoy social gatherings. Libras will avoid confrontation and arguments and may compromise themselves to the point of resentment to make peace.  

For Libras, there can be difficulty in expressing their true sense of self as they are more concerned with the other person than with their own identity and this can lead to low self-confidence and lack of self-belief. They are always seeking to find balance, both in their lives and in the natural harmony of the universe.

The Spiritual Journey of Libra 

You enjoy a balanced practice that allows for self-development and interaction with others. Having a social aspect to your journey that your share with others is important. 

Sometimes deciding which practices to do can be problematical, or which teacher to study with, or even which journey should be undertaken. It’s best not to overthink your decision – make your commitment and realize you can readjust later. If you still have trouble deciding, ask one of your friends!

The beauty of the Libra spiritual journey is the ability to see all the practices and paths as equally valid. It is a journey that is open to explore all spiritual practices and can be enormously satisfying if they can be synthesized. The journey benefits from devotional practices to help you realize that the ultimate relationship you seek is the Divine Other.


SCORPIO Sun (November 16-December 15)

If you were born November 16 to December 15, your birth Sun is in Scorpio according to Vedic Astrology. Mars, the planet associated with Scorpio, brings its qualities of intensity, passion, and inner strength to this sign.  Scorpio people are attractive with lives full of drama and excitement. They tend to be private, almost to the point of deeply secretive, and hide their thoughts and may take actions without considering the implications. 

Scorpios have a strong interest in solving mysteries and exploring the hidden side of life. They have a deep perception and strong will to achieve transformation on a deep level, whether through mystical practices, sexuality, or mind-altering substances. They are charismatic and deeply influence people on mental, physical, and emotional levels. The shadow side of Scorpio is its self-destructive nature that reflects their fascination with the eternal transformational process of death and sudden endings.

The Spiritual Journey of Scorpio 

You are energetic, persevering, intense, and passionate about your spiritual practices. You enjoy a journey that allows for movement, self-discovery, and intensity, and are often drawn to transformational practices of working with the chakras and Kundalini energy.

Remain aware of any hidden agendas that may have started you on your journey and learn to temper your emotional intensity.  When you learn to beneficially harness the deeply transformational energies of Scorpio, you will discover the real power you have always been seeking; the power to shed your old way of life and be reborn like the phoenix from the ashes.


SAGITTARIUS Sun (December 16-January 13)

If you were born December 16 to January 13, your birth Sun is in Sagittarius according to Vedic Astrology. Jupiter, the planet associated with Sagittarius, gives this sign its qualities of morality, expansiveness, adventure, and freedom. Sagittarius people are generous, optimistic, philosophical, and like to lead ethical lives. They have a strong sense of faith and, consequently, people have faith in them. They have sound judgment and a strong desire to know and speak the Truth.

They set high goals and can achieve success. They are natural advisors and counselors, and sometimes become teachers, lawyers, or credentialed professionals. They are respected for their wisdom over time and viewed as knowledgeable and wise. They enjoy traveling, the outdoors, and living a carefree existence. 

The Spiritual Journey of Sagittarius 

You are expansive and enthusiastic about your spiritual practices and enjoy a journey of active yoga practices that allow for achievement in alignment with your principles. 

Your journey may take you into nature or visiting spiritual sites. You are often helped by your teachers and may become a teacher yourself. They love to explore the philosophical aspects of their journey and delving into sacred texts.

An important aspect of Sagittarius’ journey is that of ritual and religious trappings. Being able to exhibit the outward expressions of the inner practices, such as an altar in their home with a picture of their spiritual teacher. 

Be cautious about holding tightly to the certainty of your beliefs or descending into religious dogma or self-aggrandizing your own spiritual ego. Your relentless quest for higher knowledge finds its ultimate expression when you realize you already possess the highest truth and authentic knowledge you have been seeking externally.


CAPRICORN Sun (January 14-February 12)

If you were born January 14 to February 12, your birth Sun is in Capricorn according to Vedic Astrology. Saturn, the planet associated with Capricorn, gives this sign its qualities of responsibility, patience, and perseverance. Capricorns take it slow and sure, one step at a time, as they climb their personal mountain to reach their goal. They are achievement oriented, career conscious, and hard working. They tend to be sober, sometimes somber, and often serious. They are concerned about providing their families with security and may appear externally dispassionate that masks their need for emotional affection.

They are interested in philosophical concepts along with their materialistic predisposition. They may hold a position of status and are reserved in their emotional expression. They tend to shine later in life after methodically progressing on their own merits.

The Spiritual Journey of Capricorn 

You tend to be practical, responsible, patient, and hardworking about your spiritual journey. Your tendency may be to be overly cautious or rigid about your practices. Watch for an inability to change your practices or routines; otherwise, your journey may become static and unsatisfying. 

You do enjoy a disciplined practice that allows for steady achievement through hard work. With your natural work ethic, you can find your spirituality in service and accomplishments that benefit others.

You will tend to channel your spiritual impulses into the material world and enjoy seeing the practical results of your journey. The journey of Capricorn is a need to have a lasting impact on the outer world. 

Your breakthrough in your journey occurs when you realize you do not need to do something to become enlightened, and that it comes from living in your own inner stillness. 


AQUARIUS Sun (February 13-March 13)

If you were born February 13 to March 13, your birth Sun is in Aquarius according to Vedic Astrology. Saturn, the planet associated with Aquarius, gives this sign its qualities of service, idealism, and humanitarianism. Aquarius people are good communicators and writers. They learn quickly and finish their jobs properly. They have an active mental nature and think about befitting others while also initiating social reforms. They are unconventional and bring a unique philosophical attitude to the challenges they meet in life.  

They may lead a life of service or teaching and often have eccentricities and an appreciation for the unusual or futuristic. They may scatter their energy with all their inventive ideas and exhibit a strong progressive nature that considers the welfare of others.

The Spiritual Journey of Aquarius 

You enjoy an unusual approach to your spiritual practices that allows for self-discovery, sharing, and group relationships.  The journey is never too weird for you if it allows for both group consciousness and beneficial solitude.

You have an aptitude for being comfortable for being with yourself and by yourself that is beneficial for meditation, but your journey also needs for a collective spiritual practice that reaches out to all humanity. 

Because of your naturally impersonal yet friendly style, you can become an excellent spiritual teacher or counselor yourself. 

The spiritual breakthrough for the journey of Aquarius occurs when you realize that your constant need to expand the consciousness of all those around you is simply an outer projection of your deep need to experience the pure consciousness of your own being.


PISCES Sun (March 14-April 13)

If you were born March 14 to April 13, your birth Sun is in Pisces according to Vedic Astrology. Jupiter, the planet associated with Pisces, gives this sign its qualities of spirituality, compassion, empathy, and imagination. Pisces people are kind, helpful, and well liked. They are intelligent and have gentle personalities that may cause them to be taken advantage of. They are respectful of others and sometimes lack confidence in themselves. There is a strong emotional and intuitive nature that if unbridled causes a tendency towards escapism.

They can be creative and mystical and express these qualities artistically.  Because of their desire for other states of consciousness, they may develop addictive personalities and substance abuse problems. They are tolerant, compassionate, and adaptable to all people and situations and can be natural healers and possess psychic abilities.

The Spiritual Journey of Pisces

You enjoy doing your practices with friends and are attracted to the otherworldly experiences that a spiritual journey provides. You will need direction in your journey otherwise you may find yourself vacillating in your practices. You are influenced by others and so your practices may be influenced by friends or people who are already experiencing the benefits.

The challenge and opportunity for the Pisces journey is to use the practices to pierce the strong wall of illusion created by the self. 

By cultivating detached awareness through meditation, and not overly identifying with your emotional states, you can get in touch with the eternal self. Then you can realize that the world of fantasy and dreams you sometimes inhabit is only a substitute for the limitless world you discover when you transcend your moods, fears, and illusions.

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