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How to Find Your Birth Time

For an astrological reading it’s important to provide the exact birth time for the most accurate reading. Items in the birth chart shift and change every four minutes, and this can impact the accuracy of the reading.

Birth Certificate

  • If your birth time is listed on your birth certificate, this is the most accurate place to find your birth time. Be aware that there are 2 forms of birth certificates in the USA: Short form & Long form — The birth time is only listed on the long form

Online Records

  • You may be able to order a copy of your long form birth certificate online. Check this website for more details: VitalChek

Hospital Records

  • If you were born in a hospital, you may be able contact the hospital for the birth details.

Family Records

  • You may find your time listed in baby books, birth announcements (may have been printed in the newspaper), hospital basinet cards, family bibles, or a parent’s diary.
  • Keep in mind that your mother’s memory will likely be incorrect. Only use her as a resource if she wrote it down.

If no record is available:

  • It is still possible to do an astrological reading. Some of the details of the birth chart will be unavailable, but you will still receive an informative reading based on the information that is available.