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Backwards, Forwards, Upside Down in Vedic Astrology

Backwards, Forwards, Upside Down


Are you ready to start moving forward? October may be your chance!

We start this month with three planets retrograde – apparently going backward in relationship from our earthly perspective – and so it may feel like life is in reverse or standing still at best.

However, that’s all about to change as our friends Mercury, Jupiter and Saturn begin their forward movement again and it all happens in an 8-day period! 

Let’s look at what this means to us earthlings.

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First, here is our planetary lineup –

  1. Saturn has been retrograde since last May 23 and finally ends its nearly five-month retrograde on October 10.
  2. Jupiter began its backward motion last June 20 and will start its forward movement on October 17.
  3. Mercury began its retrograde on September 26 and ends its triannual retrograde on October 18.

Impact of Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn Conjunction

While a Mercury retrograde always brings some challenges around travel, communication, electronics, and all other things Mercurial, perhaps the greatest change we will notice will happen because of Jupiter and Saturn.

First, Jupiter and Saturn are two of the most important planets in Vedic astrology as to how their movements affect us. They move the slowest of the visible planets and exert their influence, either favorable or challenging, for longer periods of time (1 to 2 ½ years).

Since they have both been in retrograde so long, certain areas of our lives also seem stuck or regressing. While we may want to move forward, Jupiter and Saturn have been directing us to take care of past business, unresolved actions, or things that may need to be redone or revisited before we take the next major step.

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By mid-month, Saturn and Jupiter will slow down more as they begin to end their retrogrades, finally coming to a seemingly “dead stop” respectively on October 10th and 17th.

On these two days, don’t push. Take a break. Both days are especially good for meditation and letting things simply settle.

After that, a slow movement forward begins as Jupiter and Saturn transit over previous territory they covered during their retrogrades. This is time to take care of any remaining unresolved issues from late spring and summer.

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For many of us, a significant shift begins after November 20th when Jupiter re-enters Aquarius. Life will continue to improve after that time, perhaps more slowly than we would like.

However, patience is rewarded by mid-April 2022 when both Jupiter and Saturn go through major sign shifts that make the world feel like a very different place indeed.

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