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Saturn’s Kiss in Vedic Astrology

Saturn’s Kiss

This month Venus enters the Vedic signs of Capricorn (January 27) and then Aquarius (February 20) – both signs of the zodiac ruled by Saturn.

Venus is known as the sensual planet of love and relationships. Saturn has the reputation of seriousness and solitude. And consequently, this month we may feel as if our relationships and love life take some interesting turns when Saturn kisses Venus – in two different ways.

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Venus in Capricorn desires a sense of responsibility and commitment in a relationship and can create a very pragmatic approach to partnerships as a way to create status or gain position, particularly as it relates to careers. There is a tendency toward emotional inhibition or even distance, and intimacy may feel harder to experience. We may become overly practical in how we deal with our relationships or partners may feel neglected because of career concerns.

We need to avoid stagnation in our emotional and sexual routines during this time, and quite honestly stop taking things so damn seriously – including ourselves. While there is an opportunity for physical passion during this time, avoid the tendency to subordinate emotional intimacy.

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When Venus moves into Aquarius, Saturn’s Capricorn kiss on the cheek to Venus for a job well done can now become an invitation for an unconventional romantic adventure – at least for a short period of time.

Venus in Aquarius tends to create a sense of emotional independence. We are now looking for intellectual stimulation as well as physical passion. There is also a need for emotional freedom and a desire to try something unconventional or even be attracted to others from all walks of life. There is still some difficulty with expressing emotional intimacy in this sign of Saturn, yet there is also an ability to connect to others in an impersonal way that opens up new opportunities.

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We do need to watch a tendency to throw caution to the wind when moving into a new relationship as the desire for adventure can take us to unusual places. Finally even more so than when Venus is in Capricorn, Venus in Aquarius needs time alone sometime and to recharge their emotional batteries through beneficial solitude or separation.

The good news for everyone? Venus enters the amazing sign of Pisces next month where friends can become lovers and lovers can become a dream come true.

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