How Gongs Create Group Consciousness

In a published November 2018 article, Dr. Tam Hunt, a psychologist from the University of California in Santa Barbara, proposed a “resonance theory of consciousness” that is based upon the understanding that all matter vibrates, and the tendency of these vibrations to “sync up” creates what we term consciousness, or awareness.

Surprisingly enough, this “syncing up,” or synchronization, through vibration was first observed in 1665 by Dutch scientist Christiaan Huygens, the inventor of the pendulum clock. While recuperating in bed from an illness, he noticed that when he set one of his pendulum clocks in motion, it would begin to synchronize its pendulum movement with a nearby clock so that both clock pendulums were moving together within 30 minutes.

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Later experiments showed that in a whole room of pendulum clocks, all the clocks would begin to synchronize the back and forth of their pendulums within several minutes. At first it was thought that there was a mechanical vibration that created this same frequency of movement. 

Later it was discovered that it was the “sound” created by the swinging pendulums that caused them to align with a group frequency so all would be in a common vibration.

Another simple experiment is to strike two tuning forks of different frequencies. When brought together, they create a common synchronized frequency.

So what does this have to do with Gongs and group consciousness? 

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In another paper by Dr. Hunt and his colleague Dr. Jonathan Schooler, they proposed a “resonance theory of consciousness” in which they asserted that “resonance – another word for synchronized vibrations – is at the heart of not only human consciousness but also animal consciousness and of physical reality generally.”

In other words, consciousness is based on shared synchronized vibrations.

Everything in matter, be it your body or a bird or a rock, has a vibration or frequency. If we can synchronize these frequencies with our surroundings and with others, we create a shared resonance or consciousness.

This shared consciousness by humans was developed very early through chanting, singing and drumming to create a group tribal resonance.

So why not Gongs?

The Gong is perhaps the most powerful instrument to deliver a strong carrying frequency through its sound. When a Gong is played, everyone in the room where it is played and, for that matter everything in that room, becomes imbued with its frequency. 

We achieve a group resonance as we synchronize around its common frequency and a collective tribal consciousness emerges.

We are One with the Gong.

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