Yoga del Gong: Yo Hablo Español

My first book about the gong, Gong Yoga, is now available in Spanish!

Those of us who love the Gong know that it speaks to all people, all cultures. Its sound awakens a universal response in everyone, regardless of where they live and what they do.

The Gong is truly a peacemaker, an envoy, and an open invitation for all of us all over the world to live together in harmony and in the true meaning of resonance.

In my fifteen years of teaching the Gong, I have traveled to 20 countries and six continents. And while I have never actively tried to get Gong Yoga translated into other languages, students who love the Gong have created their own translations of the book.

Gong Yoga has appeared in French, Italian, Russian, Greek, Slovenian, Chinese, and now, through the efforts of Eduardo Balazs in Chile, a much needed Spanish edition!


Yoga Del Gong is now available for ordering!

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