Full Moon, New Moon, GONG!

My favorite days to play the Gong for healing, therapy, and recovery are the days of the Full Moon and New Moon.

And as a Vedic astrologer and longtime Yogi, I can tell you why.

In the practices of Yoga, it is recommended to meditate and relax from normal activities whenever there is a major transition in time – such as the daily time between night and day (or day and night), the time around the change of seasons or the solstices and equinoxes, the time when the Sun is changing its Vedic sign placement (usually around mid-month), and the time when the Moon moves into its two major changes of Full Moon and New Moon.

These “in between” times in yoga are called sandhi and represent the state where we are leaving one time behind and entering the new time that is arriving. As such, a sandhi time is when we need to pause and then reset our energies. Or, relax and meditate to the Gong during the New and Full Moon.

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In Vedic astrology, the monthly cycle of the Moon is divided into 30 parts (“days”) called tithis which are about 19 to 26 hours in length. Each tithi carries a certain type of energy that we can align ourselves to better appreciate the time we are in. For example, there is a tithi that is auspicious for beginning a spiritual journey, a tithi for sexual tantra, a tithi for overcoming obstacles, and a tithi for healing and meditation.

There are three tithis that are prime for healing, therapy, meditation and relaxation. These tithis, or days, are the day of the New Moon, the day of the Full Moon, and the eleventh day after the New Moon. Interestingly enough, these are also the days in the tantric yoga tradition where healing can be the most profound. These three days are also profound for playing the Gong for restoration and recovery.

The tithi of the New Moon (known as Amavasya) is especially good for deep relaxation and nurturing. This is the day I prefer to do Gong Relaxation and specifically Gong Yoga Nidra (or yogic sleep).

The tithi of the Full Moon (known as Purnima) is perfect for meditation and healing, and that is the day I like to teach a healing meditation before the gong relaxation. It is also a good time to address emotional balancing and healing with your teaching and playing.

And if you miss the new moon and full moon, the 11th day after the New Moon (the tithi called Ekadasi) is good for light meditation and healing by candlelight if you wish to bring that energy into your Gong playing. 

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We know that really any day is a good day to be Gonged – but some days are really good! 

See you at the next Full/New Moon Gong!

Try it out!

Join Mehtab & Guru Karam in their upcoming Gong Webinars during the Full and New Moon!

FULL MOON: September 1st

NEW MOON: September 16th