Finding Your Meditation

Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan has been estimated to consist of over 3,500 meditations and kriyas, more than any human being could likely experience in a lifetime of practice.

So which one should you choose for your own practice and growth?

One way some students “get” a meditation is to use an on-line yogic numerology program to find the one that works best for them. While fun and educational, it’s equivalent to purchasing a gemstone based on your birth month which often is only slightly better than picking one at random.

Many students simply ask their yoga teacher but that means you will be limited to only the meditations the teacher has practiced or heard about. Other kundalini yoga practitioners search through manuals and websites, reading about what effects the meditation is supposed to do for them, making a limited needs-based decision that may or may not be appropriate for them.

It would be so easy if someone would just decide for us. But really they can’t.

I recall that during years Yogi Bhajan was alive, students who had the opportunity to have a personal meeting with him always wanted to get their own special meditation that he would select for them.

Occasionally a student did get “their” own meditation, but on many occasions he gave students the same meditation. One summer teacher training program, he gave everyone “11 minutes of Sat Kriya, 11 minutes of Kirtan Kriya, and 11 minutes of Sodarshan Chakra Kriya.”  One student, however, kept insisting that he be given his own special meditation, just for him.

Yogi Bhajan replied, “Sat Kriya.” The student persisted and asked, “But for me, how long?” And he replied, “2 ½ hours.” Awed, the student kept pursuing him and asked, “And when can I stop doing the meditation?” The reply: “You don’t. It’s for the rest of your life.” Some people don’t know when to stop asking questions.

Perhaps many of us, like the student who wanted to be given his own special mediation, are simply looking for our meditation answer in all the wrong places.

In fact, perhaps we should stop looking at all, stop choosing, and let the meditation find us.

Have you ever been in a yoga class, a workshop, or a teacher training and did a meditation that profoundly affected you? Congratulations – your meditation has chosen you.

Like teachers, meditations will find a way to appear in your life and you will recognize them in your heart and not choose them with your mind, or abdicate your choice to someone else.

It’s that simple. You will practice the meditation or kriya that is for you because it will come to you. All you have to do is practice and trust your own guidance, your own intuition, and recognize it when it shows up, much like when a teacher appears in your life.

This is the absolute beauty of Kundalini Yoga. Its practice does not keep you a student, dependent on answers from outside yourself. Instead it allows you to find the teacher – or the meditation – within yourself.

Which meditation should you choose? Well obviously the one that chooses you.

However, it several meditations have chosen you (lucky you!), then you may need another meditation to help you select your meditation.

Try this one: Meditation for a Calm Heart. It’s a great meditation to do before making a life decision – or simply picking you next meditation. Do the meditation and then accept the first answer it gives you;

Meditation for a Calm Heart

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