Three Kundalini Practices You Must Master

By some counts, there are over 3,500 Kundalini Yoga practices one could do.

Yet there are three practices that when done regularly are really all you need.

These three Kundalini Yoga practices do it all. They balance the five elements (tattvas) of the body, align the seven energy centers (chakras), and regulate the five basic energies (vayus) of the subtle body.

When all three are practiced daily as a Sadhana, life becomes transformed in ways that are even unimaginable to a Kundalini Yoga practitioner. They provide a complete therapeutic approach to healing.

And having said all of that, they are the most basic and fundamental practices that create the foundation of Kundalini Yoga.

Breath of Fire.

Kirtan Kriya (Sa Ta Na Ma Meditation).

Sat Kriya.

Surprised? Probably not. But very few Kundalini Yoga students and teachers do all three every day. If you do, then you are doing what I call the Kundalini Yoga Therapy Sadhana.

Like every sadhana, there are various levels you can chose to engage these practices, from that of a beginner to a long-term practitioner, depending upon how long you chose to do them.

To help you develop these three daily practices, I have arranged them in the various times to create five stages of experience. There is no hurry to rush from stage to stage, and you may find that you do one of the practices longer than the others at the same stage.

The main thing is to do the three practices daily as you can manage.

Here is a chart of the stages for a Kundalini Yoga Therapy Sadhana, based upon the times devoted to each practice daily.

Begin where you are and see where these can take you.

And If you are a student, please check with your teachers to insure you are doing these three practices correctly. After all, you may end up doing them for the rest of your life!

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