Meditation: Got a Minute?

A Kundalini Yoga class is an ongoing experience of the meditative mind.

During the exercises, you focus on your breath, a mantra, a mudra, and often have your eyes closed in order to go deeper within the practice and achieve a natural state of meditation that continues from exercise to exercise in a sequence that is known as a kriya.

At the end of the exercise sequence, or kriya, there is often time for a meditation that lasts anywhere from 3 to 31 minutes.

But what if you cannot come to a class or do a kriya? How much time do you actually need to experience a kundalini meditation? Not as much as you think.

I often joke that Kundalini is like microwave yoga – it cooks you fast and you get the result in minutes – not days or weeks or even years as had been the case with the other yoga traditions.

And it is the same with the practice of Kundalini Yoga meditation. While Kundalini practitioners often have a regular daily meditation practice of 11 to 31 minutes, you can achieve a meditative state in 3 minutes with many of the meditations.

It’s said that within three minutes of a Kundalini Yoga meditation, the blood becomes balanced and a shift in the body’s electromagnetic field occurs.

Three minutes. The “I don’t have time to meditate” excuse has just left the building.

Yet life speeds up and seconds count. So here is a Kundalini Yoga meditation that only takes a minute –  well, actually 75 seconds but who’s counting?

And you can customize this meditation to fit your needs for the day. It’s a little challenging, but hey – it’s only 75 seconds.

The meditation consists of holding one of four basic mudras (hand positions) with both hands while retaining the breath and shaking the mudra vigorously at shoulder level in front for the full 75 seconds. Yogi Bhajan said not one second more or less. And you have to hold the breath the whole time.

Here are four options for the mudras and their primary effect:

Gyan Mudra – Index finger (Jupiter finger) touches thumb tip. For wisdom, expansion, prosperity and knowledge.

Shani Mudra – Middle finger (Saturn finger) touches thumb tip. For patience, discipline, and steadiness.

Surya Mudra – Ring finger (Sun finger) touches thumb tip. For vitality, health, and willpower.

Buddhi Mudra – Little finger (Mercury finger) touches thumb tip. For communication, intuition, and self-study.

Got a minute? Go for it!

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