Talking with Your Chakras

When is the last time you talked with your chakras?

Probably in the last hour or so. Every time we speak, we usually speak from a combination of two chakra energy centers.

Every chakra has a specific frequency that informs our energy. From the first chakra, it is about our security and primal survival needs. From the second, our need to bond, relate or mate. From the sixth, our capacity to perceive and intuit, and so on.

Our words, our communication is also colored by the chakras we speak from or primarily dwell in. Someone who speaks from the seventh chakra reminds us of our connection to the divine, that which is beyond us. Someone who speaks from the heart chakra does so with empathy and understanding that we are one and the same.

For the most part, this chakra communication is unknown to the speaker as we tend to work with the frequencies we are comfortable with or unconsciously stuck in. A person who uses their sexuality to gain security, for example, will naturally speak from a combination of the second and first chakra energies.

As we balance our chakras though the practice of Kundalini Yoga, our communication also becomes more balanced and serves us appropriately in the moment.

To be an effective and powerful speaker, we use the energies of the third chakra (confident self-assertion) with that of the fifth chakra (clear self-expression).

It is said that a Kundalini Yoga teacher communicates primarily through the eighth chakra (vastness of the aura) and the fourth chakra (compassion of the heart). In this style of communication, we use our neutrality to connect the student to the eternal nature and truth of existence.

The most effective chakra communication comes when we learn to speak from the natural dyadic relationship that exists between the energy centers, as every chakra has a corresponding higher or lower frequency. Bringing a higher frequency and a corresponding lower frequency into our speaking style can create harmonious communication.

For example, the first and seventh chakras together allow us to communicate a sense of security in the divine plan. The second and sixth chakras in communication demonstrate an understanding of the transcendent state of human relationships. The third and fifth provide the capacity to manifest our creativity. And the fourth and eighth chakras in communication deliver the eternal truths in a heartfelt human way.

The next time you speak, simply be aware of the energy that you are putting into your words, the chakras that are dominant in your own life, and enjoy the experience of Conscious Communication.


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