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Winter Solstice Arrives in Vedic Astrology

Winter Solstice Arrives December 21st

On the longest night of the year and the shortest day, the day of Winter Solstice in the Northern hemisphere, we celebrate the return of the Sun as the days start to lengthen and the darkness recedes. Winter Solstice portends the return of the light of the soul, the Sun, and we see our journey moving from darkness to ever increasing light.

It is the time of Guru, a word that literally means “dark” (Gu) and “light” (Ru) and Winter Solstice signals the transition from darkness to enlightenment. This day marks the beginning of Uttarayana, the six-month period when the Sun begins its apparent northward journey through the sky.

The energy of this day is the opposite of the Summer Solstice. Rather than high energy and solar practices, it is time for turning inward and the lunar practices. Left nostril breathing, the lunar postures, and meditating on the feminine energies is helpful on this day when the Moon rules.

In the days immediately before and after Winter Solstice, restorative yoga practices are best. Tratakam (meditative gazing) on a candle flame, meditating with the sound of water, and visualization meditations with light and the sun.

This is also an optimum time to clear out the past and our clutter, literally and spiritually. At this turning point of the year, we reflect on where our journey has brought us from the previous Summer Solstice and what we may wish to divest ourselves of over the next six months. Winter Solstice is truly the “new year” for resolutions, new beginnings and leaving the past behind.

An Especially Powerful Solstice …..

This Winter Solstice occurs 12 hours before the Full Moon and this brings an especially larger presence to this lunar energy. The Full Moon occurs in the Vedic sign of Taurus (the exaltation sign of the Moon) and in the nakshatra of Rohini, traditionally the best place for the Moon to be during its monthly cycle.

Rohini is traditionally associated with beautiful dress, lovely fragrances, and tasty food. It is a time of beauty, indulgence and sensuality. It is also an excellent time for creating, birthing, and conception – so consciousness is advised if you chose to fully indulge yourself this day.

The name comes from the word “Rohan” which means to consciously bring into existence.  During this Winter Solstice, we all have a chance through our meditation and clear intention to create and bring all the things into our lives that we wish for the year ahead.

Happy Solstice!


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Come join us this Solstice for a Full Moon Gong relaxation on Friday evening the 21st. Then spend some of the weekend in my special Solstice workshops, “Clearing Past Karmas” on Saturday afternoon and the ever popular “High for the Holidays” on Sunday.