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Mars to the Max in Vedic Astrology

Mars to the Max

On February 6th, Mars enters the Vedic sign of Aries where it remains until March 22nd.

Mars in Aries is like Lady Gaga on the red carpet at the Golden Globes award. Both are so much in their own element and it shows.

Aries is Fire, Mars is Fire. Aries is first, Mars initiates. Aries is energy, Mars is power. Getting the idea?

So what happens when a planet goes into its natural sign, like Mars in Aries? The planet’s energy and its character become fully and positively expressed. In this case, Mars is now the consummate action maker, jump starting an area of your life, getting results, pushing ahead, sometimes impulsively and full of self-belief.

Could be exciting, could be dangerous and will definitely be interesting.

What can you expect over the next 7 weeks? Let’s see where Mars is in your birth chart.

First off, if you are already a fiery person (like Aries, Leo or Sagittarius), you will be turning up the heat.  Watch tendencies to be overly impulsive, assertive or aggressive. You may feel that you are right (and you likely are) but others are not as ready as you for that great leap forward.

For most accurate results, it is helpful to know where the sign of Aries is in your birth chart, which usually means you know the Vedic sign of your Moon or Ascendant (rising sign). Most people do not, so you can also use your Vedic sun sign by finding your birth date below. (Remember that your Vedic sun sign may be different than your Western sun sign.)

Please read the description for your Vedic Moon sign or your Vedic Sun (according to the dates given):

Apr 14 – May 14 (Aries)  

Mars is in your Sun sign now, bringing a strong sense of self, good health, and a surge of energy. Be careful that you do not make it all about you – people may feel that you are a little aloof or too self-certain (even though you have a right to be!). Enjoy being in your power!

May 15 – Jun 14 (Taurus)

Mars is in your area of foreign countries, long distant travel, and meditation. A good time to go abroad for adventure or enjoy a yoga retreat. You will have lots of energy and will-power to develop a meditation practice now. Alternatively, you could become a bedroom athlete now if you have a willing partner!

Jun 15 – Jul 15 (Gemini) 

Mars is in your area of friends, group activities, and making gains in your life. This is an excellent time to accomplish goals, including those of a physical nature. Want to climb that literal or figurative mountain? Go ahead!

Jul 16 – Aug 16 (Cancer)

Mars brings activity, energy and initiative into your career area now. Push ahead, go out on your own, but also schedule some recovery time so that your energy does not overrun your vitality. Self-nurturing is the key here to career advancement.

Aug 17 – Sep 16 (Leo)

Mars is in your area of dharma, spirituality, teachers and teaching. If you wanted to teach something, you can certainly do it now! Adventure travel is also favored, if based upon a spiritual purpose. Is it time for the Himalayas?

Sep 17 – Oct 16 (Virgo)

Mars is active in bringing deep change to your life now. You may be able to overcome a long-lasting health issue. All transformational practices are favored now, and you have the drive and energy to make a significant life change.

Oct 17 – Nov 15 (Libra) 

Mars is charging up relationships now. With your increased passion, you have to be mindful of balancing your needs with your partner’s needs. Be patient and don’t compete – in the game of love, everyone needs to win.

Nov 16 – Dec 15 (Scorpio)

Mars for Scorpios during this time allows you to overcome any obstacle – real or imagined. What’s been holding you back?  Charge ahead! A great time as well to take your physical well-being to a new level.

Dec 16 – Jan 13 (Sagittarius) 

Your fires of creativity are burning hot! If you are a performer or athlete, you will gain attention for your accomplishments. Could be a good time for you (or your children!) to explore martial arts.

Jan 14 – Feb 12 (Capricorn)

Put your energy into overdrive around your home. Great time for home projects, repairs, or construction. An excellent time for acquiring or selling land.

Feb 13 – Mar 13 (Aquarius)

Ever played racquet sports? Try it again this time. Or perhaps you may find that short trips and hikes really reinvigorate you. Also a good opportunity to organize information and enhance your communication skills.

Mar 14 – Apr 13 (Pisces)

A good time to initiate a writing or musical project. You may find new energy around the kitchen preparing food. Did you ever have a physical activity as a kid you want to try again? Go for it!

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