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Planets at Your Fingertips in Vedic Astrology

Planets at Your Fingertips

We know from astrology that the planets themselves represent different energies, psychological states, physical body areas, and states of mind.

All thoughts, all actions, all elements of the material world, all parts of the body, all have a connection with one or more of the major planetary energies. It should be no surprise that the different areas of the hands and fingers also have a connection with the various planets.

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This planetary connection with the area of the hand was well known by ancient astrologers.  Indeed, before the age of easily generated computer birth charts, Eastern astrologers learned to discern the planetary make up of an individual through the examination of the hands.  

This branch of astrology, or Hast Jyotish, later became known as Palmistry in the Western world.  Unlike Western palmistry, however, which became primarily a predictive tool, the Eastern astrologers used Hast Jyotish as a way to gauge the relative strength of the planets in the birth chart and to help rectify an uncertain time of birth.

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This relationship between the planets and the fingers makes it possible to work with planetary energies through yogic mudras that use the fingers in various hand positions.  To balance and activate the flow of the energy of Jupiter, for example, a hand mudra would be formed that uses the finger associated with Jupiter.

Vedic Astrology associates the two luminaries (Sun and Moon) and the five visible planets (Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus and Saturn) with the various fingers and areas of the hand, both right and left, as follows:

Sun – Ring finger and below base of that finger

Moon – Outside mound below little finger and above base of palm

Mars – Thumb and below base of thumb

Mercury – Little finger and below base of that finger

Jupiter – Index finger and below base of that finger

Venus – Outside mound below thumb and above base of palm

Saturn – Middle finger and below base of that finger


Given these mudras, it is possible to work therapeutically and astrologically by employing certain planetary mudras based upon your birth chart, as well as upon your physical and psychological makeup.

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