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Jupiter in Scorpio & Lover Come Back in Vedic Astrology

Jupiter in Scorpio and Lover Come Back!

October begins with a beautiful triangle of Mars, Venus and Mercury in very favorable signs, giving us the energy, creativity, and organization to move things forward in our lives.

Perhaps the biggest change occurs when Jupiter moves into the Vedic sign of Scorpio on October 11th. Jupiter changes sign about once a year, and so we are all about to enjoy the a new relationship with the planet of expansion, knowledge, and good fortune.

How Jupiter will affect your life specifically depends upon your Vedic Moon sign (a good time to have an astrologer in your life or get an annual checkup!). However, everyone will notice these general effects of Jupiter taking a year-long journey in the transformational sign of Scorpio.

Scorpio is the hidden side of life, the home of esoteric wisdom, yoga, astrology, and all things transformational. Uncovering secrets through research, self-exploration, and therapeutic practices are all part of the Scorpio domain.

With Jupiter, the great teacher, in this sign, you can more easily advance in all of your spiritual practices through its opportunities and gifts. You may have a desire to expand your interests in all realms of hidden knowledge, from yoga to alternative healing. And Jupiter can make it easier.

The other significant astrological event this month is that Venus begins its period of retrogression on October 5th. Before you run screaming outside, take heart. Venus is in its own sign of Libra, the sign of relationships and beauty, during this retrograde, so good things can happen. And that’s good because it remains in retrograde until November 16th.

In the sign of Libra, a retrograde Venus can often bring back a relationship from your past, or at least the fantasies about that relationship. Sometimes it can simply be a time to fully heal or understand that relationship.

Or it could be a time when something old becomes something new.

Several years ago I did a reading for a woman, recently divorced, and Venus was retrograde in Libra. I mentioned the possibility of a past relationship coming back into in her life. It wasn’t the “ex” however. A week later, her high school lover reached out to her. And yes, a good ending for Venus retrograde as they are happily married to each other.

It’s not all about relationships, however. It’s also about rediscovering beautiful things from the past. If you are looking for an excuse to purchase fine art, vintage jewelry, used designer clothing, or (in my case) antique gongs, retrograde Venus is giving you the green light to go for it.




Enjoy October – it’s full of happy planets!


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