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Got My Venus Back in Vedic Astrology

Got My Venus Back!

After spending a month in the Intensive Care Unit, Venus is finally well again.

August was a debilitated month for Venus in Virgo, creating problems in relationships and generally disrupting peace and harmony. Folks with prominent Venus energies in their birth chart (think Libra and Taurus) were likely hiding under a rock or felt as if rocks were being thrown at them.


But no more. As of September 1st, we got our Venus back and she is beautiful in her own sign of Libra.

AND – Venus, due to a rare retrograde in its own sign, will be on her best behavior for the rest of the year (well, pretty much).

Venus hanging out in Libra for four months only happens every 8 years


So what does Venus in the sidereal sign of Libra mean?

Venus not only rules relationships, but all things of beauty and art, from precious gemstones to flowers to dance and all creative expression. Venus is also the consummate diplomat and advisor, looking to mediate and make peace with all parties.

This can be an excellent time to both experience increased prosperity and to use that prosperity for things of lasting beauty, comfort, and simply sensual indulgence. Venus and Jupiter hook up in October, so be aware of a temptation to spend big on beauty – and then go ahead and do it!

On the other side, Venus can be a highly spiritualizing planet.  The yoga practices of devotional chanting, ecstatic dancing, partner meditation, tantra, and reading sacred scriptures are highly favored during this time.

Venus is also said to be a great teacher in that it allows us to not only enjoy but to create a right relationship with the fulfillment of our wishes and desires (kama, in Sanskrit) as we enjoy the experience of embodiment.

Venus is said to rule all things sweet, and even its Sanskrit name of Shukra holds this meaning. So it is a time to be sweet, be with your sweetie, and enjoy the sweet aspects of this human existence.

After an August of retrogrades and debilitation, you deserve a date night with Venus. Enjoy!