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Mercury & Venus in Vedic Astrology

Waltzing with Mercury or Twerking with Venus?

Until the end of this month, Mercury and Venus are dancing together through the Vedic sign of Virgo. The question is: who is leading and what does this mean for you?

Mercury is the planet of the intellect, organizing intelligence, and analysis. It performs at its best in its exalted sign of Virgo, promising a brilliant mental life for the few weeks as it transits its most favored area of the Zodiac.

As is often the case, Venus joins with Mercury in the same sign, yet to be honest, Venus is likely not to be as happy as Mercury in Virgo. In fact, Venus the planet of passion, love, and heart, feels inhibited by the methodical and virginal sign of Virgo and is astrologically said to be debilitated or unable to express its full self.

In yoga, Mercury is associated with the part of the mind called “buddhi,” or the higher discernment that allows us to see the true nature of self. Venus, on the other hand, can be said to be more similar to the “manas” component of the mind that is responsible for processing and feeling sensory input and emotional sensations.

In other words, we have the head (Mercury, buddhi) and the heart (Venus, manas) hanging out in a sign that tends to elevate the head, a formalized approach to experience, over the heart, a spontaneous and sensualized expression of self.

And Mercury has the upper hand here. It wants to waltz, to organize the dance of life into an organized and precise flow, while Venus just wants to shake her booty. Oh my. What good can come of this? Actually, a lot.

Venus by herself in the sign of Virgo does feel at loose ends. Rather than feeling her feelings, she is thinking her feelings. The mind is trying to understand the heart and not really liking the job.

However, when Venus is also with Mercury in Virgo, there is a dance that can occur in which there can be a breakthrough in the understanding of life’s most intimate relationships.

When the discerning intellect of Mercury can be successfully integrated with intuitive emotional side of Venus, as is the case now, it is possible to understand and analyze the ins and outs, ups and downs, of a relationship.

In fact, you often find the Mercury-Venus match-up in Virgo in the birth charts of people who are very good in counseling others about their relationships.

With this combination happening this month, it gives everyone an opportunity to gain a new insight into their relationships. With Mercury in its element, and Venus close by, it is an excellent time for head and heart to come together in a deeper understanding of why we are in a relationship.

Waltzing this month with Mercury can be beautiful – just let Venus give a twerk every now and then because next month, baby, she is in charge!