The Gong as Therapy

Are you ready for therapy? Gong Therapy, that is.

If you have only experienced the gong in a group setting or yoga class, you may not fully realize the power of the gong to heal and transform. Gong Therapy is done one-on-one, the gong player and you, with one or more gongs positioned within three feet of where you are relaxing.

The proximity of the gongs allows you to actually “feel” the gong within your body. It becomes both a physical sensation and a more intimate hearing sensation than you will ever receive in a group gong setting. The sound of the gong becomes a palpable presence that surrounds, absorbs, and elevates in a way that can only be experienced.

Equally important, the gong is played just for you and for your specific needs. The gong therapist interviews you to determine how the gong should be played for you, as well as determining what things you may do to enhance the gong experience.

For instance, the gong therapist may instruct you how to position your body for relaxation, what intention to set, and perhaps a specific mudra or eye gaze to hold during the gong playing therapy session.  All of these “extra” things you do during the gong therapy session allows the sound of the gong to do its healing work more effectively.

Simply playing the gong close to someone is not necessarily therapeutic. There is training involved to be an effective gong therapist. In addition to playing the gong well and in a therapeutic fashion, the gong therapist needs to be able to assess the needs of the person they are playing for as well as being able to suggest the appropriate methodology to accompany the session, and an understanding of how to help the person integrate the profound changes that a gong therapy session can bring about.

Gong therapy is being used to help with a wide variety of conditions, ranging from anxiety, depression, addiction, migraines, glandular imbalances, hypertension, pain relief, hypersensitivity, emotional trauma, vertigo, tinnitus, as well as aiding in all stress-related illnesses and energy balancing related to the chakras.

Like all sound therapies, Gong Therapy is best used in conjunction with conventional and alternative healing approaches to enhance and accelerate their benefits.

If you are interested in experiencing a gong therapy session, it is important to ascertain that the gong player has received formal training and has a background in other client-based healing methodologies.

If you wish to become a gong therapist, the first step is to become an experienced gong player and learn to work one-on-one with clients in a healing environment.

We know the Gong has the ability to relax and heal those who hear it. It also has the capacity to deeply transform and empower an individual when played in a therapeutically responsible manner.

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