A Kundalini Solstice

Yogi Bhajan often taught special meditations for the Summer and Winter Solstices. He said that these were special days for the human psyche to re-set itself for the seasonal changes.

While Winter Solstice is usually December 21st in most parts of the world, Yogi Bhajan once said that the most important times for meditation are the 10 days afterwards (beginning on December 22).

He said, “Winter Solstice is most beautiful for the human psyche. Actually these ten days you know, which starts on twenty second of December, are the days when a person should celebrate because you change the serum in your body. At the winter solstice the electromagnetic field of the earth and the flare of the sun create the pranic value and the chemistry of the blood changes.”

All meditations are excellent at this time, but he did give a special meditation during the 1972 Winter Solstice. He said that “one who wears white and meditates on this sound current (Sa Ta Na Ma) will know the unknowable, and see the unseeable.”

This mediation he referred to is actually the most basic and powerful one in Kundalini Yoga. You may already know it as Kirtan Kriya, or the Sa Ta Na Ma Meditation. For a PDF, click here.

This time of Winter Solstice put on your whites and practice this powerful sound current.

Join us if you like for our 2017 Winter Solstice Celebration!

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