Kundalini Yoga to the Max!

Most Kundalini Yoga students experience their practice within the boundaries of an hour-long class or perhaps a personal early morning sadhana.

And the consistency of a regular practice, no matter now long, brings tremendous benefits.

But if you want to take Kundalini Yoga to the Max – it may take a little more time.  How much time?

What is time? | Live Science

Many meditations in a Kundalini Yoga class are 11-minutes long. However, there are several meditations that are better practiced for 31 minutes, 62 minutes or even 2 ½ hours to receive the full benefits and effects.

For many yoga students, their first breakthrough or realization of the practice, only comes after being in the “yoga space” for several hours or days, such as in a workshop, an intensive, or a retreat immersion.

The effects of doing yoga multiply quickly when several days can be spent in a retreat setting, unbroken by normal daily activities and responsibilities. This extended time in meditation and yoga practice over several days aligns and re-adjusts the circadian rhythms of the body and re-establishes the balance between the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems.

In other words, you take a yoga vacation from your daily habits and activities.

The re-arrangement of our daily habits through an extended yoga experience over several days can boost our overall well-being. Instead of checking emails, watching television, having an afternoon drink, or staying up late on the computer, we get out of a habitual lifestyle that may not be serving us in the best way possible. 

And at the end of this immersion, we have also given new and positive habits time to establish themselves.

So if you have primarily experienced yoga in classroom activities or for an hour or so at home, this may be your year to take your Kundalini Yoga to the max with a multiple day immersion in what you love most!

Costa Rica: March 2022

Mexico: December 2022