Kundalini Summer Time Cleanse

Yogi Bhajan, the Master of Kundalini Yoga, possessed the royal teaching majesty of a Leo and the healthy diet consciousness of a Virgo. And in those roles, he often gave his yoga students special diets to follow to support them in their journey to health and consciousness.

In the ashram I lived in the early 1970s, we had the notorious Wheat Berry Friday where everyone in the ashram fasted on cooked wheat berries all that day as a regular detoxification regime (many ashram residents were seen exiting from local ice cream parlors on Fridays).

At one time, we were instructed to follow the Banana Diet designed to help eliminate toxins from marijuana and achieve a new state of bliss. That diet earned our ashram its nickname of “Banana Ananda Ashram.”

There were other special and individual diets practiced in those early days of Kundalini Yoga that were designed to accelerate the healing and detoxifying process of our yoga practice. And while some were extraordinarily strange (“Eat anything you want – as long as it’s green”), these diets worked wonders on our bodies and minds.

Fresh watermelons and melons

Kundalini Yoga, and yoga in general, actually discourages the use of water or strict juice fasts to cleanse the body, asserting that yoga practitioners are best served, as the ancient yoga texts say: “Yoga is not for those who eat too little or too much.”

However, mono-diets, where you primarily eat one or two foods exclusively for one day or up to several weeks, are often used in yoga to mimic the natural eating patterns of early humans where food choices and supplies were dictated by whatever food was in season at the time.

Such simple diets normalize the body and give it a chance to cleanse and rest. They are also excellent for balancing out food allergies and cravings.

The most popular summer mono-diet in Kundalini Yoga is the Melon Diet – which is exactly what is says. Only melons are eaten and nothing else.

For advanced healing and for those who have had experience in mono-diets or fasting, there is a prescribed sequence you can follow for several weeks where various melons are eaten on different days to systematically cleanse different bodily functions, such as the urinary (oh yes!), digestive, and elimination systems.

Melon Diet

For beginners, however, simply begin by having only melon for breakfast. Or enjoy only melon for all the meals in a single day or over a 2 to 3 day weekend.

The only rule is that never mix melon with other foods (even when you are not dieting) as they digest much more quickly than other foods and can cause gas and cramping if you mix them with the slower digesting foods. I always find an excuse to leave the building when I see people eating watermelon and baked beans at the same meal.

And on the melon diet, do not even mix different types of melons. Chose only one type of melon to eat for each meal (or each day) to increase both digestive function and healing effects.

The Melon Diet is a simple and economical way to both develop dietary discipline and give your body a much needed summer vacation, and it’s so much tastier than wheat berries.

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