Fly Like a Butterfly

This month brings us an opportunity to reset our energy and our lives as we move toward the Equinox on March 21. 

The word equinox from Latin means “equal night.” It is a time when the length of the day and the night are equal in length, and there is a balance between light and dark, the Sun and the Moon.

Consequently, the Equinox is an optimal time to balance the Sun and Moon energies within our body and brain.

The Cosmic and Personal Meaning of the Fall Equinox

Here’s how:

A simple technique is alternate nostril breathing (Sun breath – right nostril, Moon breath – left nostril) to balance through the breath, or balance through the body  with balancing postures on both sides of the body.

Going deeper, we can also address the balancing of the left and right hemispheres of the brain and the five elements (tattvas) of the body through meditation. 

This is one of the more fun Kundalini Yoga meditations, and it can bring you into balance.



  1. Sitting on your heels (if possible), bring the heels of your hands together in front of the throat— making a V with your hands. 
  2. The four fingers are together, toughing along the sides. The thumbs are also touching from base to tip and are stretched back toward the body. 
  3. Keep the thumbs and fingers touching, joining the open hands at the base. Now open and clap the hands together, like butterfly wings flapping up and down. The movement is like a hinge.
  4. Keep the movement steady, not too fast. Each time the hands clap, hear the silent sound of “HAR.”  Let the sound of the hands make the sound of “HAR.”
  5. Closed eyes Focus toward the tip of the nose with eyes closed.

Continue for 11 minutes



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