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Where’s Your Passion in Vedic Astrology?

Where’s Your Passion?

When lovers meet and the fires burn bright, passion rules the day.

But the question is: what is that passion? Is it a physical passion? An intense interlocking of the minds? A spiritual devotion of soul mates? An overriding concern for family – or even career?

You may find the answer in the weeks ahead as Mars, the fiery masculinity, joins the always ready lover Venus in the burning Vedic sign of Leo through September 9th.

In general, a conjunction or joining between Mars and Venus in a zodiac sign has the ability to create a strong emotional vitality. There is a strong sense of enthusiasm, and the desire to project yourself wholeheartedly into various areas of your life. There is an overall increase in both sexuality and sensuality.

In the practice of yoga, the Venus-Mars combination can best be expressed by chanting mantras while performing asanas, where there is a sense of both strength and devotion. With the Sun also joining Mars and Venus in Leo, the sign of the sun, an excellent practice would be the performance of sun salutations, chanting the 12 major names of the Sun, once for each direction of the compass.

This once a year conjunction of Mars and Venus only occurs in Leo every 10 to 12 years. Besides its fiery nature, Leo is also known for its independence and strong sense of self. There is an appreciation and even a need to be recognized, seen and appreciated. In other words, the passion generated by a Mars-Venus conjunction can bring a self-centered approach to the area of life in which this energy manifests, as you will see below.

If you know your Vedic (not Western) Moon Sign or Rising (ascendant) Sign, read the descriptions below to discover where this passion may play itself out.

If you do not know those signs, then use the dates listed to find your Vedic Sun sign and read that description.

Regardless of your sign (or the sign of your lover), these next few weeks promise more fire and summer passion in everyone’s life. 

Moderation (of a sort) is advised because after September 9th, Venus enters the sign of Virgo the virgin and you may wonder – did I really do that?

Apr 14 – May 14 (Aries) 

Mars and Venus meet in the area of your chart that is about traditional romance – flowers, candlelight, whispered dinner conversations and artful seduction. Yet this is also the place for creativity and artists, writers, musicians, actors and all types of performers can take center stage here. Athletics are also favored for sport superstars to shine. Those with children may also feel rather passionate about their children’s accomplishments. The yogi within you may want to develop new spiritual techniques and devotional mantra is supreme.

Apr 14 – May 14 (Taurus)

Put your passion and drive into overdrive around your home. Great time for home projects, repairs, or construction. This is an especially good time for re-decorating. Mothers may need to check their intensity a little in conversations with both their young and adult children. Also, be aware that the area of your chart that Mars and Venus are dancing through is connected to your happiness and emotional body – don’t push the boundaries in your quest for a new level of emotional intensity.

Jun 15 – Jul 15 (Gemini)

If you are a neighborhood activist, this is your time to make changes in your immediate surroundings. You can take the lead in improving your immediate surroundings. Not that you would – but do a double check if you are thinking about a neighbor in a more than friendly way. It may wear off after a few weeks and you still have to live there. On a less charged level, you may feel inspired to take several day trips at this time of summer – explore the areas around you that you have always wanted to experience.

Jul 16 – Aug 16 (Cancer)

Everyone is passionate about good food and you will be over the top in your desire to eat and prepare tasty repasts. Just be reasonable when it comes to eating super spicy foods. Music and singing are super fun now, as are writing projects. Your words may take on extra power, especially when it comes to speaking to your lover. Being around your birth family at this time can turn into a love fest or a fist fight – who is in charge? Venus or Mars?

Aug 17 – Sep 16 (Leo)  

Mars and Venus meet in your Sun sign now, bringing a strong interest in the self, good health, and a surge of energy. Be careful that you do not make it all about you – people may feel that you are a little aloof or coming on too strong. You will find it easy to be your sexy self – resist the temptation to go overboard with attention getting and age-inappropriate clothing – do you really need to wear torn black net stockings or that Speedo?

Sep 17 – Oct 16 (Virgo)

Venus and Mars want you to take that trip to another country, either with your lover or to find one. Perhaps strangely enough, this is a perfect time for meditation, particularly with a partner or in a beautiful retreat like setting (or both!). Even with all that passion, you may find yourself wanting to be with the person you love most – yourself! So alone time (not lonely time) can really charge you up now.

Oct 17 – Nov 15 (Libra) 

Mars and Venus bring many new friends and group activities into your life. You can bring a sense of passion to accomplishing some goals, both spiritual and material. Prosperity of all kinds excite you, especially if it comes from taking on some special projects you have always wanted to do.

Nov 16 – Dec 15 (Scorpio)

Do you love your career? Venus and Mars bring activity, energy and initiative into your work area and public expression of self. Push ahead, and seriously consider going out on your own now. You may find yourself in a place where you are more readily recognized for what you are capable of accomplishing. You always wanted to be more independent so do it now – with love! 

Dec 16 – Jan 13 (Sagittarius)

Venus and Mars team up in your area of dharma, spirituality, teachers and teaching. If you wanted to teach something (and you have!), you can certainly do it now because you have passion! Adventure travel is also favored, if based upon a spiritual purpose. For those who have wanted to embark on higher education or a credentialed profession, you are feeling that the time is now. 

Jan 14 – Feb 12 (Capricorn)

Mars and Venus can bring deep change to your life now. All transformational practices are favored now, and you have the drive and energy to make a significant life change.  A spiritual rebirth is possible. Or you could just go full steam into a crazy sex adventure that ruins your life forever. Just kidding, but these two planets are now in the area of the chart that is about sex, drugs, and rock and roll. Your choice for the weeks ahead – devil or divine?

Feb 13 – Mar 13 (Aquarius) 

Venus and Mars are charging up all of your relationships now. With your increased passion in Leo, the sign of the Self, you have to be extra mindful of balancing your needs with your partner’s needs. Be patient and don’t compete – in the game of love, everyone can win.

Mar 14 – Apr 13 (Pisces)

This time allows you to overcome any obstacle – real or imagined. What’s been holding you back?  Charge ahead! A great time as well to take your physical well-being to a new level, as well as removing any blocks in your love life. Health can also improve now, especially if there is more sweat (Mars) and less sweets (Venus).