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The Best for Last in Vedic Astrology

Best for Last – An Amazing Astrology Month

December 2020 arrives with strong energy and the portents of new energy rushing in to end this year.

Here is what is happening:

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December 2nd to 22nd – Meteor showers everywhere!

It may seem like the sky is falling with nine (9!) major showers peaking over these three weeks. Plenty of opportunities to make a wish on a falling star. 

In ancient astrology, it was thought that a meteor shower was a sign of great changes to come. And this month we get nine of them, or forthcoming changes to the max. And while change is usually not easy, this month, lots of change is required as we move thorough the next two powerful astrological/astronomical events.

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December 14th – A total solar eclipse!

The huge change in culture, society, and leadership that the June 21st solar eclipse started,  reaches its peak on December 14th with this total solar eclipse on the day of the new Moon.

This may be challenging as old karmas are coming to a reckoning and completion, especially those pertaining to leadership and authority. However, it is a good prelude to what happens on Winter Solstice.

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December 21st – A Solstice Gift: The Grand Conjunction!

On Winter Solstice (for the Northern hemisphere), we do get the best for last. Besides the usual movement into increasing light that the winter solstice signifies, we have another major cosmic event that has both astronomers and astrologers waxing poetic – the Grand Conjunction of the two largest planets, Jupiter and Saturn on this day.

This major event when both Saturn and Jupiter occupy the same degree in the zodiac occurs every 20 years. Each time this occurs, it brings about a transformation in our social, cultural, and political environments, as well as an opportunity for an individual sense of spiritual transformation.

In Vedic astrology, Jupiter and Saturn are the great teachers and when they come together, a spiritualizing process occurs.

The two planets in this Grand Conjunction are the closest they have been to us in almost four hundred years. On this day, it appears as if a new star appears on the horizon – a magnificent omen for what can come.

For more information about this event and to celebrate Winter Solstice, please join me and my partner as we meditate and play the Gong on the eve of this special day – Sunday, December 20th!


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