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Super Blood Moon Total Eclipse in Vedic Astrology

Super Blood Moon Total Eclipse!

On January 20th at 10:41 pm Central Standard time, we will experience one of the most dramatic lunar eclipses of the decade.

The complete blackout of the Moon will last 62 minutes, and the partial eclipse from start to end will last 3 hours 17 minutes, and start to happen over an hour before the peak blackout period.

During this special nocturnal hour, the Moon will reflect the fully-tinted red-orange of the sunset, creating the “blood moon.” If you were seeing the earth from the Moon at this time, the entire earth would be surrounded by a reddish ring.

The next full lunar eclipse will not occur until May 2021, and will not be as viewable for most people as the one this month.

Yet, perhaps you should not be viewing the eclipse at all. In the ancient Vedic teachings, it was considered best to remain inside and certainly not stare at the eclipses (either solar or lunar). Rather than sightsee, the eclipses were the time to turn inward and to meditate on the light within.

The Full Moon eclipse will occur in the Vedic sign of Cancer, the natural sign of the moon, and will possess an extraordinary quality of psychic sensibilities. Dreams and visions may be very strong this day, yet there can also be a tendency toward unfounded fears and phobias which argues for time spent in meditation this day.

This full moon also has the beneficial support of an aspect by Jupiter, the Guru and Teacher, and so this eclipse full moon is also a good time to honor all teachers, particular women teachers and the mother (your first teacher) which are ruled by the Moon.

An interesting coincidence(!) is that the total time for this eclipse is 62-minutes, the same exact time length for Kundalini Yoga meditations that have the effect of “changing the grey matter of the brain,” and integrating the hidden shadow side of the mind with its projection into the outer world.

A meditation done for the full 62-minutes that the eclipse is occurring will deliver profound benefits and bring deep transformation in the month that follows.

Embrace the opportunity of this total lunar eclipse and totally reorient your life!

Full Moon Gong Meditation and Relaxation with Mehtab

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CAPRICORN Sun (January 14-February 12)

If you were born January 14 to February 12, your birth Sun is in Capricorn according to Vedic Astrology. (Remember that the Sun sign often changes from the Western astrology sign, and you may find it to be more accurate for you.)

Saturn, the planet associated with Capricorn, gives this sign its qualities of responsibility, patience, and perseverance.

Capricorns take it slow and sure, one step at a time, as they climb their personal mountain to reach their goal. They are achievement oriented, career conscious, and hard working. They tend to be sober, sometimes somber, and often serious. They are concerned about providing their families with security and may appear externally dispassionate that masks their need for emotional affection.

Capricorn Sun people are often interested in philosophical concepts along with their materialistic predisposition. They may hold a position of status and are reserved in their emotional expression. They tend to shine later in life after methodically progressing on their own merits.

The Capricorn Yogi

The Capricorn Yogi is practical, responsible, patient, and hardworking about their yoga practice. They may be overly cautious or rigid about their relationship to yoga. They need to watch for an inability to change a yoga routine or try something differently; otherwise their yoga practices can become static and routine. They need to schedule spontaneity into their daily practice. They do enjoy a disciplined yoga practice that allows for steady achievement through hard work. With their work ethic, they make excellent karma yogis, finding their spirituality in service and accomplishments that benefit others.

They tend to channel their spiritual impulses into the material world, and want to see the practical results of their spiritual journey. Capricorn Yogis want their yoga practice to have a lasting impact on the outer world. Their breakthrough in spiritual realization occurs when they realize they cannot do anything to become enlightened, and that it is the surrender to their own inner stillness that brings them to the truth.

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