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Talking about your Relationships in Vedic Astrology

Talking About Your Relationships

July brings us a partial solar eclipse on the 12th and a total (and extra-long) lunar eclipse on the Full Moon of the 27th. Our friend Mercury also decides to go retrograde (what again?!) the day before the full moon on the 26th.

But that’s not enough – no, it’s not. This is the month you also need to talk about your relationships in a very careful way. Here’s why.

We start this month with Venus, the planet of relationships, in the emotional and hypersensitive sign of Cancer and directly opposite its passionate mate Mars in the strictly business and practical side of Capricorn. There will be heightened Venus sensitivity to some likely Mars insensitivity in this combination, and both planets are riding the karmic axis of the Vedic shadow planets Rahu and Ketu.

Open your mouth and create some karma, why don’t you? Or maybe don’t talk about your love life until Venus enters Leo on July 5th bringing a more positive perspective.

A few days later, Jupiter also helps relationships by turning direct on July 10th from its long retrograde in the sign of Libra and has a nice aspect to the Sun in talkative Gemini. This begins an excellent 6-day period to bring positive and constructive communication to all of our partnerships.

This gives us 6 days of supported communication in our relationships before the Sun enters the Vedic sign of Cancer on the 16th.

On the 16th, the Sun joins Mercury in the Vedic sign of Cancer, and again all communications, relationships and otherwise, may turn to the emotional from the rational.

Mix in at this time a powerful retrograde Mars in the opposite sign of Capricorn, and it’s a good combination for imagined (or real) slights in your interpersonal communications.

Enjoy the dance on these eggshells for a few days before Mercury goes retrograde on the 26th and blows up all remaining communication channels.

On the 27th, the full moon eclipse occurs with the Moon conjunct with the Angry Red Planet. This is an excellent day to turn off your cell phone and confine all your conversations to simply “please” and “thank you.

And then relax. August is looking good with both Mercury and Mars coming out of retrograde, a happy Sun in the Vedic sign of Leo, and the beautiful Perseids meteor shower on August 12th and 13th giving us plenty of opportunities to wish upon a “falling star.”

If you want to bring clearer communication to your relationships this month, try this mudra:

Interlace the fingers (Venus Lock) with either the left index finger on top (female) or the right index finger on top (male). Then extend the two little fingers (Mercury) out from the interlaced hands and touch the pads of the little fingers together, pointing out.

This is a relaxing and comforting mudra to hold, particularly when you are trying to explain why you didn’t mean what you said because you didn’t hear what they meant.

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