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From Emotion to Devotion in Vedic Astrology

Emotion to Devotion

My teacher Yogi Bhajan once said, “You have two choices with emotions. An emotion can either become devotion or commotion.”

This is certainly true from July 22nd to the 29th and again August 4th through 8th as four planets are in the emotionally sensitive Vedic sign of Cancer: Mercury, Sun, Mars and Venus 

Venus is the planet of relationships, lovers, and how we experience the significant other persons in our life. When it is in the sign of Cancer, there is a heightened need for both emotional and financial security. Venus in Cancer can easily become hypersensitive to the actions and words of others. We may also sense our feelings changing from day to day, never quite sure of what we are truly feeling, but needing reassurance and nurturing from whatever it is we are feeling. We may feel needy or nurturing, depending on where the Moon is currently in the cosmos.

During this time, Mercury, the planet of mind and discernment, is also in Cancer so our feelings and thoughts may seem confused. Are you thinking what you are feeling – or are you feeling what you are thinking? We may overthink our emotions and become frozen in our ability to act properly, or we may not think through an emotional state to see the root cause of it.

Finally, Mars joins the party in Cancer and is not happy about it. Cancer, the soft and sensitive sign of yielding femininity, bugs the hell out of Mars who would rather be wielding a sword instead of a butter knife. While normally a planet of intense passion, Mars in Cancer can become passive aggressive, sulking in a corner and nursing imaginary emotional wounds.

All of this and coupled with the heat of a summer Sun in Cancer, could mean trouble. It certainly means possible commotion – an upset waiting to happen.

But courage.

Jupiter, the planet of the guru, the teacher, the advisor, and reservoir of higher knowledge, meditation and dharma, is on the scene during this time with a beneficial ninth house aspect to all these planets during this time.

If we can bring that Jupiter energy of meditation to this emotional passion that is now present in Cancer, we can turn the commotion into devotion.

The best way to interact with the current time is to increase our practice of bhakti meditation, the meditation of love and devotion. By doing our heart-centered yoga practices, whether it be asana, mantra, or radiating unconditional acceptance of who were are and who others are, we can navigate the potentially stormy waters of emotional commotion. 

If you are confused about what you are feeling during this time, it is time to sit and focus on the heart.  Devote yourself with a pure intention of elevation and service to someone or something and release expectations for an outcome that may be based on a transient emotional feeling.

Astrology teaches us that all is well with the passage of time, and remember, Mercury goes direct on July 31st!

(The planetary positions in my newsletters are based on Vedic Astrology and may differ from Western astrology. In my 25 year practice of using Vedic astrology for spiritual counseling, I have found this system to give the best results for me.)