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Backward to the Future: 4 Planets R-E-T-R-O-G-R-A-D-E

Backward to the Future:

4 Planets R-E-T-R-O-G-R-A-D-E

This month you may feel like you have seen this show before. For a period of time, we will be experiencing the retrogrades of Saturn, Jupiter, Venus and Mercury. 

Add to this that the karmic planets Rahu and Ketu are always in retrograde, and we have six out of the nine Vedic planets going backward in our lives.

So what do backward planets mean for the future?

To begin at the beginning, planets throughout the year will sometimes appear to be moving backwards (retrograding) from our vantage point on earth. While they are not reversing course on their orbits around the sun, our perception as earthly observers is that they are indeed backtracking across the zodiac as we ourselves hurtle through space.

There are several theories in astrology about what retrograde planets mean for us in our daily lives. In one way, and quite literally, the planet seems to move back to the past position where it once was, and then eventually moves back across its path until it catches up with its previous position before it can finally move forward into the future.

So basically, the retrograde planet indicates we must revisit a past area in our lives, then either repair or resolve an issue connected to that planet and area so we can move forward in our lives.


To summarize this process:

Retrograde = Revisit + Repair + Resolve + Return = Renew

Here is the retrograde calendar for this month and beyond:

Saturn – Began retrograde May 11 Ends retrograde September 29

Jupiter – Began retrograde May 14 Ends retrograde September 12

Venus – Began retrograde May 13 Ends retrograde June 25

Mercury – Begins retrograde June 18 Ends retrograde July 12 (retrograde again October)

Rahu and Ketu – Always retrograde! Karmic planets to resolve the past.

The week of the retrogrades is most intense from June 18th to June 25th.

During these seven days, it is more important to reflect than to initiate. Good time to revisit and complete things from the past in all areas of life.


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