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If It’s Tuesday, It Must Be Mars in Vedic Astrology

If It’s Tuesday, It Must Be Mars

In astrology, everything is ruled or owned by one of the planets.

Herbs, yoga postures, countries, gemstones – anything you can imagine can be associated with one of the planets.

And that even includes the days of the week.

Each weekday has a specific kind of planetary energy. Some days are good for ceremonies and rituals and some days are good for pulling weeds.

You don’t need to know a lot about astrology. You just need to know what day it is!

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Here’s how – 

Find out the day of the week you were born. It’s fairly easy – you can look it up online with many “day of the week” calculators or you can use the chart in my book, Astrology Yoga.

Once you have the day you were born, try to find out if you were born before or after sunrise that day.

If you were born between midnight and sunrise on your birthday, you need to use the day BEFORE your birthday as Vedic astrology considers a day to begin with sunrise and not after midnight.

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It is said that the day of the week you were born on is your “lucky” day because your energies are aligned with the planetary energies of that day throughout your life.

Now use this chart and discover what planet is associated with your birthday weekday. For example if you were born on Wednesday, the planet for that day is Mercury.

Next to each day are keywords that may describe you. Have fun!

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Sunday Sun Strong, generous, stable, loyal, energetic, popular, visionary
Monday Moon Nurturing, peaceful, calm, flexible, passionate, idealistic
Tuesday Mars Confident, competitive, athletic, combative, tactical, impetuous 
Wednesday Mercury Well-spoken, wealthy, charming, witty, intellectual, adaptable
Thursday Jupiter Virtuous, spiritual, ethical, pure, prosperous, powerful, instructive
Friday Venus Beautiful, sensuous, artistic, refined, diplomatic, creative
Saturday Saturn Responsible, hard-working, stoic, mature, humble, materialistic


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