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Your Birthday in Vedic Astrology

You Say It’s Your Birthday!

The most important day of your life is the day your soul chooses to come into embodiment. In other words, your birthday.

On this day, the planets and stars are in a unique alignment that will never be replicated again. Every day, every hour and every second is a once in forever occurrence that is revealed in the zodiac, marking a combination of cosmic energies that creates an imprint in all of us.

And at the exact moment of your birth, you carry that imprint of energy with you that sets into motion your experience of this incarnation.

No wonder we say “Happy Birthday,” because that time is a celebration of your soul’s desire to re-enter the karmic cycle of life and death and to bravely try again for the birthday present of enlightenment that is promised to each of us.

Of course as life goes by, we realize that enlightenment seems to become an ever-receding goal that gets lost in the mundane struggle for happiness and wish fulfillment that we seek through our relationships, our careers, and, perhaps on all too rare occasions, our spiritual path.

Yet it is on your birthday each year that you have that opportunity to re-connect and realize your soul’s purpose. There is a special yearly astrological chart based upon the exact moment that the Sun, the soul, returns to the exact position in the sky at the time of your birth. 

This chart is your “birthday” chart for the upcoming year and can give you an insight into what your soul had planned for the year ahead of you. If you can follow that plan, you will indeed have a happy birthday.

Vedic astrologers call this birthday chart the Varsaphal, or literally “the fruit of the year.” It’s like a mini-birthchart that specifically looks at the next 12 months of your life to discover the opportunities, gifts and challenges that may await you, or what harvest or “fruits” the year can bring you.

I personally have found this chart to be very accurate in foreseeing career changes, relationship changes, and where one might spend their time and energies in their year ahead.

This is why many people who work with an astrologer choose to have a reading near their birthday, in order to see what their New Year may bring them.

Even without an astrological reading, you can use your birthday as a most powerful time for discovery and setting intentions. The birthday can become in effect a microcosm of the year ahead, and occurrences and actions taken on the birthday can sometimes foretell how the year will be.

By consciously choosing how you will spend your birthday, you can also set intentions that will manifest over the next 12 months. That is why people tell you to have a “happy birthday,” to make the most of this new year for resolutions.

While celebration of the soul’s choice to reincarnate is a must on your birthday, choose carefully how you celebrate. Does it end with a hangover or a meditation? 

On this day of all days, you get to choose what “fruits” you hope to harvest by the next birthday.

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