Go Gong Yourself

Warning: If you do not own a gong yet, you may soon.

It is a wonderful thing to be gonged, to show up and relax and hear the sound of one or many beautiful gongs played for you.

And truly it would be amazing to hear the gong every day and receive its healing energies.

And you can. You can gong yourself.

Students who relax or meditate with the gong often ask me if I get the same benefits they do when I play for them. “No,“ I tell them, “I get more benefits.”

The truth is that when you play the gong, you get additional benefits the gong can only provide when it is within close proximity. When the Gong is within 3 feet (1 meter) of you, additional physical healing occurs, particular with conditions such as inflammation and illnesses that result from poor circulation or nerve damage.

In effect, the gong player resides in a powerful healing envelope of sound energy that works on the cellular level, healing and changing them as they play the gong. You are getting a gong massage that is only available to a gong player.

One of my gong-playing friends suffered an ankle sprain. He propped his foot in front of his gong and played every day for one week. His doctor was astounded by the reduction of swelling and increase in beneficial circulation that occurred. He gonged himself well.

I also play the gong for myself when I feel I need to be more connected to my intuition and inner guidance.

Playing the gong not only heals you, it awakens your intuition and induces a natural state of creative meditation. So you do not need to be an expert player – simply allow the gong to guide you as it awakens your intuition and meditative mind.

I find the ideal way to play the gong for yourself is in a seated position directly in front of the gong with eyes closed. Take a few moments to connect to your breath, a mantra or a prayer.

Set your healing intention and then come into a relationship with the gong as your partner in healing.

Allow the gong to naturally direct you in your playing, without judgment or prejudice. Let the gong play for you for 7 to 15 minutes, naturally changing and evolving as your body responds to the sound energy.

At the end, make your final strike. Bless yourself and bless your gong. Be healed, be well, and play the gong.

Want to learn how to play a gong so that you can gong yourself (and others?)

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