In some of the ancient writings on the Gong, it was said that even “the sight of a gong could cure all ills.”

One interpretation of this is that when you are within proximity, or sight of a gong, there is a constant healing field being generated by the vibration of the metallic molecules which continued unabated long after the gong has actually stopped playing and is inaudible.

Yet another way to look at this is that the beauty and aesthetics of a well-made gong can bring awe and joy to the seer. They are bright, shiny, and golden like the Sun – full of vitality, possibility, and prosperity.

Gongs are art – handcrafted in many cases, polished and beaten by many hands, until each gong is a unique expression of the human spirit.

I think they are beautiful enough to hang on the walls, like fine paintings, and so there are gongs hanging in my halls, office, and bedroom, suspended on 50-pound mirror hooks, a golden gallery of silent sentinels ready to roar with the touch of a mallet.

While even the most commercially produced gong is a work of beauty, they are artists and visionaries who are creating gongs that go far beyond functionality and make statements of beauty and design.

Enjoy the tour of only a few of these “art gongs” (some one of a kind) and send along ones you want to hang on your wall!


Melbourne Full Moon Workshop

Ryan Shelledy

Ryan Shelledy is an American gong maker who uses bot Asian and European techniques in the production of his specialty gongs. His gongs are based on his own designs and has created works of gong art since 2011.

Steve Hubback

Steve Hubback is a European-based sound sculptor and musician that have been exhibited in galleries worldwide. He produced his first gong in 1990, and has gone on to produce many one-of-a-kind musical instruments.

Matt Nolan

Matt Nolan is the UK’s premiere cymbal and gong maker and has created gongs for clients as diverse as Danny Elfman and the Boston Symphony Orchestra. A former electronic engineer, Matt now combines his creative approach to musical art with his precision quality of sound production.

Tiger Gong

The Tiger Gong is manufactured by an Italian gong and cymbal maker, UFIP Percussion, and have produced metal-tuned instruments for concerts and sound healing since 1931.

Broder Oetken

Broder Oetken, a gong maker in Germany, worked with Paiste Gongs and is a tuner for Meinl Gongs and has his own production facility where he specializes in making quality gongs from 16” to 40”

Martin Blase

Martin Blase, a third-generation gong maker, has his shop in Germany where he makes all types of sacred sound healing instruments. Including singing bowls, chimes, gong plates, and space tubes, many tuned to the planetary energies.