The Gong From Another Planet

Planetary Gongs, or gongs that are tuned based upon the orbital considerations of the planets, are very popular with people I teach. The planetary gongs are said to bring the various astrological attributed of the planets into our lives and psyche when we hear them, and their exact frequencies have an affinity for the various chakras, organs, and glands which makes them popular with sound healers and gong therapists.

And even more simply, It is fun to own or play a “Mars” gong, a “Moon” gong, or even — a “Nibiru” gong!

A Nibiru Gong? What kind of planet is that?

Nibiru is one of the names for the mysterious Planet X that is said to be far outside the solar system. Planet X, or Nibiru, is controversial in that astronomers say it is a hoax or fantasy while various healers and mystics assert that it is a planet that will bring unimaginable transformation to our lives when it becomes “discovered.”

The name Nibiru comes from the Akkadian language which is sometimes translated as a “ferry across a river,” “ferryman,” or “crossing” and was first mentioned in Babylonian astrology.

The planet is described as a harbinger of a great shift in consciousness or a massive transition to a new reality paradigm that will ferry, or take us over, into a new paradigm of consciousness.

Nibiru has been the object of a hundred-year search by scientists that postulate it is the size of Neptune with the mass of ten Earths and 20 times farther from the sun than Neptune.

It has been said by psychics that its discovery will portend a cataclysmic destruction some time in the 21st century, and there have already been several “Nibiru” prophecies and scares that obviously have not come true.

When I visited the Paiste factory, the original home of the planetary gongs, I was told by one of gong makers that the Nibiru gong enjoyed unexpected strong sales in 2003 as some sound healers were buying and playing it in order to ease the transition that was supposed to ensue during that year. Obviously all the Nibiru gong playing must have worked because here we still are 15 years later!

Another question surrounding the mysterious Nibiru Gong is that since the planet hasn’t even been discovered yet, how can you tune the gong to a seemingly non-existent orbit?

The answer is that the frequency and orbit of the gong was calculated by the Karios Institute who also gave Paiste the original calculations for the Chrion and Sedna planets and gong frequencies. (Unfortunately perhaps, these calculations are said to have since proven inaccurate.)

So is Nibiru a “real” planetary gong? In my thinking, it actually does not matter.

Like many gong players, the Nibiru gong was one of the last planetary gongs I played. But when I did, I knew it was something special. In a room full of planetary gongs in Sweden one summer, the Nibiru was my favorite.

I finally got around to purchasing one after buying almost all the other “real” planetary gongs first. As an astrologer, I had mixed feelings about buying a planetary gong that, according to science, was not based on an actual planet.

But I am glad I did. Of all the planetary gongs, Nibiru is the only one that has an amazing strong fundamental “E” note. It sounds deeper than most 32” gongs, and people often remark about its sound even when played with many other gongs.

My feeling is that the Nibiru Gong can initiate profound changes on the spiritual level to enable you to recraft the story of your origin. In this case, that can also mean releasing old ancestral or genetic programming. Transformational indeed.

And while there are no physical conditions treated with the sound of this gong therapeutically, it may prove useful in congenital disorders or in treating symptoms that seem to have no physical origins or that may be connected to past life traumas.

Like an unknown planet, the Nibiru gong is ripe for discovery.

Take a listen to the gong from another planet, or perhaps no planet at all, and see if you don’t agree.


Every month or two, I would like to recommend books that sound healers, gong players and gong lovers might enjoy.

In keeping with the focus on planetary gongs, you may wish to investigate the work that was responsible for the development of the planetary gongs: the COSMIC OCTAVE by Hans Cousto.

Cousto is responsible for developing the mathematical calculations to determine the sound frequency of the planets based upon their orbital considerations. His results were first used to create tuning forks for the planetary energies, and later for gongs and singing bowls.

The book is a major work that bridges astronomy, astrology, esoteric anatomy, and sound healing and is a must for sound therapists interested in the relationship between the cosmos and music.

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