The Perfect Gong for You

People always ask me what is the best Gong for them? There are the practical questions of course: the cost, the size, the manufacturer, and so on.

Yet the real question to ask: Does the Gong match your vibration, your frequency?

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Every object has an inherent frequency at which it vibrates. The string of a guitar, a moving windshield wiper blade, the hum of an air conditioner, and even the pulse of your body has a measurable frequency of vibration.

And every Gong also has a specific frequency that it produces when struck.

Is there a Gong that matches your frequency or that can increase your vibration?

The answer is yes. We have all experienced how the sound of a specific Gong resonates with us. We feel like we are home. We like the sound, we want the Gong, and that is the best way to choose a Gong. 

Do you resonate with its sound? Does it raise your vibration? Does it produce a sense of healing and well-being? Is it simply – your frequency?

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There has been a good amount of scientific research to determine the base frequency of a human being. In one study (“Resonant frequencies of standing humans,” Ergonomics 1997 September), researchers determined that the overall range of frequencies of 113 clothed standing human beings ranged from 9 to 16 Hz independent of mass and height. (Hz is the measurement of frequency.)

One interesting result from the study was that the average frequency of females (12.6 Hz) was higher than for males (12.2 Hz). I leave it at that for whatever interpretation you care to make!

So we all have a specific frequency or rate of vibration and, as least as far as the above study shows, it could range from 9 to 16 Hz. And of course every Gong also has a specific frequency and note.

The table below shows the frequencies of the Planetary Gongs have frequencies ranging from 126.22 Hz (Sun) to 227.43 Hz (Sidereal Moon), much higher than the base frequency of a human.  

However, you can preserve the vibration and effect of the frequency using the Law of Octaves which states that the musical note of a frequency is preserved when you double it, or raise it to the next Octave.

To raise the frequency of the human body to a musical sound or note, you keep doubling it until you reach the sound that is produced by a musical instrument, or in this case the Gong.

For example, let’s assume that your body frequency is 12.6 Hz, the average for a female (remembering that it ranged from 9 to 16 Hz in one study). 

If we keep doubling 12.6 over and over, we eventually reach a frequency of 201.6 Hz. The closest planetary gong to match that frequency is Uranus (207.36). For an average male frequency of 12.2, we keep doubling or increasing the frequency until we reach 195.2 Hz, or the closest planetary gong frequency which is the Earth Sidereal Day (194.18).

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Does that mean women should buy a Uranus Gong and men should get an Earth Day Gong? Well, only if they like the way it sounds!

Remember that we have at least a range of 9 to 16 Hz for the “human frequency.”  At 9 Hz, the closest elevated frequency is a Mars Gong and for 16 Hz, it is a Sun Gong.

What does all this mean? It means that there is a Gong frequency that matches your own innate frequency. Your vibration or your frequency (Hz) can be produced into a Gong frequency.

Of course, you have to know your frequency and then have a Gong maker tune a Gong to that frequency. Then you have your perfect Gong! 

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Until we have the ability to individually measure our innate frequency, we have to rely upon our own sense of resonance and intuition when we select a Gong to play. When you hear the sound of the Gong, does it literally resonate with you? Does it make you feel that you are at home, surrounded and elevated by your own vibration? 

Remember: All a Gong can do is to magnify who you are. 

When you sense that a Gong can carry your vibration and elevate your own frequency, then you have found your perfect Gong!

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