The Ultimate Gong?

Everyone who plays or listens to the Gong wants the best frequency, the purest sound, and the ultimate vibratory experience that the Gong can produce.

Is there such a thing as the Ultimate Gong, a gong so perfectly designed that it does it all?

Perhaps. To find the ultimate gong, we need to agree that there is an optimum frequency of sound that harmonizes and integrates the human experience into its original totality.

For many mystics and philosophers, that optimum frequency is said to be 128 Hz. This fundamental keynote is derived musically and mathematically, by raising the integer of 2 (the basis of the octave) to the power of 7 (sacred number of the chakras), or: 2 x 2 x 2 x 2 x 2 x 2 x 2 = 128

The 128 Hz frequency corresponds to the tone of C and the heart chakra when the preferred tuning of A=432 Hz is used.

Rudolph Steiner, the spiritual-scientist and father of Anthroposophical philosophy, said: “Music based on C=128 Hz will support humanity on its way toward spiritual freedom. The inner ear of the human being is built on C=128 Hz.” He simply stated: “C is always prime and C=128 Hz is the Sun (or the solar/soular self).”

Maria Reynold, a lifelong researcher into music and tones and their effects on human consciousness, wrote the book Intervals, Scales, Tones and Concert Pitch = 128 Hz, a considered classic in musical scholarship and research. In her book, she traces the origins of this perfect tone from ancient Greece to the 20th century and shows the many beneficial effects the 128 Hz frequency brings to humankind.

So is there one gong that is tuned to 128 Hz? No, there are THREE gongs tuned to this frequency that are commercially available.

Meinl, a gong manufacturer in Germany, produces the Flower of Life gong (inspired by Jens Zygar, the visionary behind the production of planetary gongs), in both a 36” and 24” size that are tuned to the 128 Hz frequency.

The Meinl Flower of Life gongs use an ancient symbol in sacred geometry that uses repeated patterns of seven intersecting circles that form hexagons at their crossing points. This symbol, called the Flower of Life, has been found in manuscripts, art, and temples around the world two thousand years before the birth of Christ. The symbol on the Flower of Life gongs is used as a metaphor for the perfect harmony that a gong tuned to the 128 Hz frequency is capable of producing.

The other gong that approximates this frequency is made by Paiste, another German gong manufacturer, as part of their planetary gong line. Their 38” Sedna Planetary gong is tuned to a frequency of 128.10 Hz which was thought to be the original orbital frequency tuning for this distant planetoid discovered in 2003, but was later updated to a different frequency when its orbit was more accurately determined by scientists.

So there are three 128 Hz gongs – the Meinl 24” and 36” Flower of Life gongs and the Paiste 38” Planetary Sedna gong. (The 28” Meinl Sedna gong is tuned to the updated frequency of 181.60 Hz.)

Are these the Ultimate Gongs? Play them and hear for yourself.

As for me, I’m taking my 36” Flower of Life gong to the Rapture.

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