The Secret Kundalini Meditation 

Sometimes a secret is intentional, and sometimes it’s accidental.

This is an accidental secret Kundalini Yoga meditation from over 20 years ago.

I first experienced this meditation when it was first taught (at least in the Western world) in Espanola, New Mexico and fell in love with it from the very first time. But I have never seen any mention or write up on it since then.

It became one of my favorites because it is done with a continuous breath of fire for 11 minutes.

The Breath of Fire Kundalini Yoga Pranayama | Chakra Healers

The meditation was informally called Shiva’s Trident because your hands are tracing the three-pronged image of a trident (or “trishula”) in front of your body as you perform it.

My experience is that it clears the arc line and energizes the 4th, 5th and 6th chakras. The meditation strengthens the auric field and brings clarity to the mind.

Symbol of Shiva | The Attributes of Lord Shiva - Trishul, Nandi, Third Eye,  Damru 

And it is fun. Here is how to do it:

  1. Sit in a meditative posture with the focus at the brow point (third eye).
  2. Begin with the palms together in prayer pose in front of the brow point. 
  3. Start the Breath of Fire and continue this breath throughout the meditation.
  4. As you do the breath of fire, bring the palms down in front of the heart. 
  5. Then release the hands apart and sweep them out and up and slightly above  the shoulders, level with the ears, plans facing forward.
  6. Bring the hands back to the heart in prayer pose and then move them back up to the brow point.
  7. Repeat this cycle smoothly and rhythmically with the breath of fire for 11 minutes.

You are tracing a trident with the movement and breath. The three points of the trident are formed by the hands at the shoulders and at the brow point and the points intersect at the heart chakra.

To end: Inhale and bring hands up to brow point and hold until ready to exhale.

The mantra “Ong Namo Guru Dev Namo” was played throughout the original meditation.

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