Kundalini Re-Birthing

I have a friend in Portugal who teaches Kundalini yoga and plays the gong. When he and his wife had their first child, he played the Gong while she chanted mantra.

A real Kundalini Gong Birthing!

The Cosmic Birth — JIYA DA CHORONA

The rest of us probably were not as lucky during our birthing experience as we entered into a new reality. But that does not mean we cannot catch up now.

Here is how:

A series of powerful Kundalini Yoga classes were taught around “rebirthing,” or clearing the birth traumas from the subconscious mind.  By using pranayama and movement, these re-birthing classes help correct problems associated with the birth, including the distress of the child that occurs with the first breath and the emotional state of the mother before and during the birth.

Because the re-birthing classes work on the traumas of birth, and subconscious patterns from previous experiences of the soul, they are challenging as they release these blocks.

Kundalini Yoga - Rebirthing course - FitMyTime

To help with the re-birthing process, the Gong is played throughout the class, sometimes for extended times. The Gong helps to focus the mind during the exercises and provides a charge of “sonic pranic energy” to break through the old blocks and traumas.

And much like my friend and his wife with the actual birth of their child, the Gong can also be a helpful companion to us as we heal and give birth to a new sense of ourselves.

Want to experience Kundalini Gong Rebirthing? It’s happening this month!

Kundalini Gong Rebirthing

Sunday, November 14 in Austin, TX