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The Big Deal Eclipse in Vedic Astrology

The Big Deal Eclipse:

Identity, Career and Spiritual Multiplication

For once astrologers and astronomers agree – this month is a big deal because there will be a total solar eclipse coast-to-coast across the United States which hasn’t happened in such a magnitude for almost 100 years.

On August 21st between 12:19-12:21 CDST, over 12 million Americans will be in the ‘black-out belt” and another 125 million will be almost in totality of the eclipse.

Besides the astronomical fireworks and circus-huckster atmosphere around the eclipse, what is the big astrological deal?

Well, it’s going to create the most super-charged New Moon you can imagine, and it’s going to bring significant changes to the area of the world that it most effects (that’s USA, folks) and in the people’s lives who are most affected by it.

Typically, the people most affected by a solar eclipse are those who have their birthday within 48-hours of the eclipse.

Yet depending on where the Sun is in your astrological birth chart (in relation to your Moon sign), the eclipse will also bring a big change to that specific area of your life over the next 6-months, regardless of your birthday.

The lunar eclipse occurs in the Vedic sign of Capricorn this month which will bring a focus to how we are practically handling our lives, our finances and careers, and our responsibilities in the material world. Are we taking care of business so that it can take care of us?

This will be followed by the solar eclipse in the Vedic sign of Leo and all of us will need to reconcile our relation to our outward work (Capricorn lunar eclipse) with our sense of true self and spiritual identity (Leo solar eclipse).

Does our work, be it career or what is publicly seen and recognized by the world as who we are, reflect our true self or does it conceal it?

The next several weeks may bring a significant shift in how we choose to present ourselves in the outside world and how we hold our true purpose of being. If you are not in sync with your life work, you will need to turn your attention more to your spiritual practice. And there is some good news there!

Traditionally in India, a fast was observed 12 hours before and after an eclipse, all normal activities and decisions were suspended, and no important projects were initiated 3 days before or after the eclipse.

This voluntary retreat from the world was because the electromagnetic fields of people and animals are lowered during the eclipse, allowing for a more powerful download of cosmic energies.  Not so good for the day to day activities, but absolutely stupendous for spiritual practices.

The pituitary and pineal glands (6th and 7th chakras) become re-wired and connected and we can make great progress in our spiritual lives that day. Yogis and ancient astrologers said that any sadhana or spiritual activity (chanting mantras, worshipping and meditating) is multiplied by a thousand times during the eclipse day!

This is a powerful time for the inner work and not for outward fascination and hence the caution against being outside during the eclipse or even observing it directly in any way.

My teacher, Yogi Bhajan, did advise that being around water or in water was helpful during an eclipse in order to rebalance the solar and lunar energies. Consequently, mantras that work with the water element are especially effective during an eclipse, as are exercises that strengthen the aura and rebuild the lowered electromagnetic field.

The other important thing to remember about a solar eclipse is that is always paired to a lunar eclipse, two weeks before or after it occurs. There’s always an eclipse of the moon married to the eclipse of the sun.

So we have the Lunar Eclipse starting all of this off on August 7th with the Full Moon. The eclipse of the moon is typically not as strong as the solar eclipse, but its effects are still felt in the lunar month in which it occurs.

Since the powerful solar eclipse this month is initiated by the lunar eclipse two-weeks earlier, it is a very advantageous time to prepare and set an intention through your meditation and spiritual practice at the time of this first eclipse. You can discover the unknown side of yourself during a lunar eclipse that can be a rich source of exploration after the solar eclipse.

Looks like a great time to use the one thousand spiritual multiplier that the solar eclipse brings us this month!

It’s a big deal!

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