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Saturn Makes a Lucky Move in Vedic Astrology

Saturn Makes a Lucky Move


For the past few days (October 26), Saturn has been blessing us with its presence in the Vedic sign of Sagittarius. This relief comes after an almost 3-year sojourn in Scorpio where we all received a few well-landed blows, below the waist, from taskmaster Saturn.

For everyone, Saturn’s presence in Sagittarius (the sign of benefic Jupiter) is likely a welcome upgrade where we can now stop brooding in the Scorpionic dark and start to believe once again that there could be a Santa (or Saturn) Claus.

Saturn in the Vedic sign of Sagittarius, brings focus to our personal issues around the energies of expansions (Jupiter) and contraction (Saturn).

If we have over expanded our lives through excessive spending, eating, or mindless travel, we will learn that we must reel it in. On the other hand, if we have been habitually contracted by being overly serious, overly constrained and pessimistic, and too restrained in our actions to broaden our horizons and experiences, then we will need to self-correct and open up to new possibilities.

Saturn also brings focus to the karmic responsibilities in the area of your life that it is currently transiting. Relationships? Better understand what is really going on. Career? Time to buckle down and get it down. Creativity? Come on and write that book, sing that song.

To better appreciate the changes that this lucky move by Saturn could bring you, the following descriptions, listed according to your birth sign, can give you a little preview of Saturn in Scorpio in your life.

Ideally, you read the Vedic sign that your Moon was located at the time of your birth.

If you do not know your Vedic (not Western) Moon sign, then you can read the description that corresponds to your Vedic Sun sign based on your birthdate as given below. (Note that the Vedic dates for the Sun signs are different than Western).

Or, perhaps you should take this opportunity for an astrological check-up and have your astrologer give you the full picture of the changes that Saturn is bringing you.

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ARIES (April 14-May 15)

Excellent for your health, travels (especially work related), and practical accomplishments. A time to relax from all the changes of the previous 2 ½ years and also to renew your spiritual practices. Your father may need additional attention during this time, or you may encounter teachers who challenge you to grow.

TAURUS (May 15-June 15)

Change and transformation are in the works. A great time to start or increase your yoga practice (particularly Kundalini Yoga) or investigate the occult sciences. Pay attention to shared finances of your partner as these can bring benefits. This usually signals a period of therapeutic change and deep transformation for those who are willing to do the work.

GEMINI (June 15-July 16)

This will be a good 2 ½ year cycle to work on relationships and partnerships and look at your commitments. One way or the other, you will strengthen or change your relationships in some way. Either you will recommit more strongly or they may be swept away. It is your choice. You may be a little restless, so make sure any moves or changes have a good purpose.

CANCER (July 16-August 17)

A good time to focus on your health and create some powerful healthy habits, particularly in your diet and self-improvement practices.  This would also be a good time to examine how you can be of service in your daily life. Focus on daily routines and perhaps investigate new ways to self-heal.

LEO (August 17-September 17)

Creative projects and children are highlighted in this period. Create a structure and routine to move your creative projects forward. This is also a good time to return to school or develop good study habits. If you have children, the oldest child needs to take on more responsibility during this period.

VIRGO (September 17-October 17)

Changes in home or residence could be experienced during this time, or you may simply have a desire to move.  It’s also likely you may have to assume more responsibility around the home. Your mother also may be more demanding now(!) and you need to exercise care that your emotions don’t become too somber.

LIBRA (October 17-November 16)

The 7½ year period of Sade Sati (a time of great transformation) ends for you. This should bring a sense of ease and the beginning of new alignments in your life. Realize that life will become smoother and accept the beneficial changes these last 7 to 8 years have brought you.

SCORPIO (November 16-December 16)

Good time to improve your finances by working hard. Curtail your expenses and eliminate your debt. Clear out clutter and excessive possessions. Garage sale your life and be conservative in your spending. Over the next 2 ½ years, you are moving toward new alignments in your life.

SAGITTARIUS (December 16-January 14)

Now you’re back in control of your life, and plans that may have gone awry are now back on track. It’s time to get organized and recommit. You can take on responsibility and strive to excel. Do pay attention to your health and avoid needless worry. At some point during these upcoming 2 ½ years, you will feel as if you turned a corner.

CAPRICORN (January 14-February 13)

The 7 ½ year period of Sade Sati officially begins for you. It’s a perfect time to understand and practice the technology of change – yoga and meditation – as this will help you meet the transformational changes these years bring you. It’s time to make the changes you need in your life before they are made for you. The next 2 ½ years can point you in many positive directions if you are willing to be disciplined, humble, and patient.

AQUARIUS (February 13-March 14)

A great time to think about your long term goals. How do you envision your life ten years from now? Make the goals realistic and prepare yourself for taking each step forward to accomplish them. Plans you make now can provide lasting gains.

PISCES (March 14-April 14)

A good period for your career. If you are not working, this is a great time to work on your personal projects. You may take on extra responsibilities in your life and you will have the opportunity to work hard and achieve much. Your status improves in the outside world.