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Where Should You Live in Vedic Astrology

Where Should You Live?

One of the questions I get as a Vedic astrologer is, “Where should I live?”

There is a popular aspect of Western astrology (Astrocartography) that looks at your birth chart in relationship to different areas of the planet and then suggests a place to relocate so you can change your life for the better.

As a Vedic astrologer, my firm belief is that you first change your life and then change where you live (if you still want to).

Vedic astrology will not give you a destination to move to – but it can give you a direction for your own discovery.

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Here is how:

In your birth chart, there is an area that is examined to determine the conditions of your living location (it’s the fourth major area of a birth chart).

From that area, I have found that it is fairly simple to determine if a person will spend much time living in a foreign country (or an ashram!) during their life. 

You can also discover if a person tends to move around a lot or if they prefer to stay in one location for a long time.

These are the general indicators that can be determined for a living location. And you can also see the times in person’s life when they will either change their living location or the home in which they live.

You can also see if a person prefers a sunny place, a place near the water, a place in the mountains, or even in a remote location by themselves.

These are directions and characteristics – not absolutes nor answers.

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However, in the Vedic school of thought there are really only four reasons you should move:

  1. For the well-being of your family.
  2. For the fulfillment of the destiny of the partnership.
  3. For your calling in life (career or life purpose)
  4. To fulfill your spiritual journey

Notice that unhappiness, boredom, frustration, desperation or any other negative feeling should not be why you move.  

Unless you solve your problems before you move, moving will not solve your problems.

And that is where astrology, yoga, and all spiritual paths can help.

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