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How Astrology Got Me a Job

How Astrology Got Me a Job

Over the last 25 years, I have probably done several thousand astrology readings and consultations for people all over the world.

In 90% of these readings, one of the major questions people ask is, “What is the best career for me?”

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And no wonder. How we see ourselves and how others see us is so much a part of the career that we have. If you are unhappy with your career, it can also mean that you are unhappy with your life – at least as far as career makes up your identity.

When I’m asked the career (or life purpose) question, I always first consider the person’s basic temperament and psychology as shown in their birth chart. If there is strong Leo energy, you can be sure that they will do best when they are in charge of their job or at least decide how it is to be done. They will suffer when people try to micro-manage them.

An individual with strong Venus energy typically thrives in a creative or artistic field.

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But even more than the planet or a sign, the location in the chart of your career planet speaks a lot if you do better as a healer, a teacher, a musician, a dental hygienist, or a scientist. You can also see if you do best working behind the scenes, in your home, or in a foreign land.

As you go through life, astrological conditions can indicate when there is a best time for a career change or to ask for an advancement in your current job. Sometimes it is best to stay the course, and other times, one way or the other, your career is very likely to change within a year so you might as well be proactive.

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Realize that astrology is not going to “predict” what your next career will be, but it is really good at indicating which ones you will be successful doing.

For example, my chart indicates my career is connected with transformational practices (like yoga), counseling and teaching (like astrology), and even playing percussive instruments (like the gong).

So yes – astrology got me my job!


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