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Love is in the Air in Vedic Astrology

Love is in the Air (and Everywhere!)

The absolute best astrological news this month is Venus entering the Vedic sign of Pisces beginning March 6! 

During its month-long sojourn in Pisces (March 6 – April 9), Venus is said to be exalted, or beneficially powerful.

Venus is one of the most favorable planets (second only to Jupiter), and its presence brings many comforts, enjoyment of the senses, worldly pleasures, and Love. And it does what it does best when it is exalted in the sign of friendly Pisces.

When Venus is exalted, it is a perfect time for everyone to practice kirtan (for devotional chanting), partner meditations, and studying sacred scriptures. For those who wish, sacred sexuality and authentic tantric practices are also auspicious.

What can YOU expect from Venus this month? Check it out!

Venus - Ancient History Encyclopedia

The signs below relate to your Vedic Sun sign and you can look at the descriptions for your birthdate for one insight into what Venus may bring you. 

However, the most accurate reading will be locating the sign your birth moon is located and reading that description (hey, that’s what astrologers are for!). 

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Aries (April 14 – May 15) Venus brings Aries the opportunity to practice heart-centered meditations this month or enjoy rewarding travels to faraway places. Plus, lots of sensual pleasures in the bedroom and romance in foreign countries – or with foreign people.

Taurus (May 15 – June 15) Venus loves Taurus and this month those with prominent Taurus energies will find enjoyment being in spiritual communities. Your lover will also be a friend, or maybe a friend will become your lover!

Gemini (June 15 – July 16) Venus for Geminis this month brings rewards and ease to your career, or you may discover how a business or intimate partner brings you more success in the outside world. Be cautious of office romances, but love could be where you work.

Cancer (July 16 – Aug 17) Spiritual love? Yes, someone who shares your core values can be a match now. Cancers can find deep meaning in a relationship right now, or may find new meaning in their relationships through long distance journeys. 

Leo (Aug 17 – Sept 17) S-E-X. Venus is working some heavy mojo in your area of sexuality. Best to see this as an opportunity for enjoying sex as a means to deep transformation and new spirituality; otherwise, sudden change can occur in a relationship not of your own choosing.

Virgo (Sept 17 – Oct 17) As soon as you stop being so picky, you are going to get slammed by love. Resist the temptation to run your romantic life through your mind because for this month you can simply enjoy the passion.

Libra (Oct 17 – Nov 16) Libras, you can break through relationship blocks now as Venus gives you the power to understand your own needs as well as those of your partner. Bring flowers to your bedroom and see what happens.

Scorpio (Nov 16 – Dec 16) Yes, yes we know you are passionate and sexy. But how romantic can you be? This is the time to enjoy the play of indulging each other with rosewater baths, candle light dinners, and leaving notes around the house expressing your eternal love. 

Sagittarius (Dec 16 – Jan 14) Venus can bring you deep emotional satisfaction, especially when you find a way to enjoy your relationship in a cozy home environment. And it also happens to be a good time to buy a beautiful car (or home) and enjoy your naked indulgence.

Capricorn (Jan 14 – Feb 13) Love is nearby for Capricorns – maybe even in your neighborhood, as people near to you can lead you to love in all the right places.  You will need to be more expressive as Venus is powerfully affecting your self-expression and communication.

Aquarius (Feb 13– Mar 14) Enjoy a good meal with your lover! Venus dishes it up this month, with a sensual enjoyment around food (and also precious gemstones) – would you like a diamond with those fries? Also, a possible rediscovery of a romance from your school years.

Pisces (March 14- April 14) – Pisces, you are probably the most beautiful person in the room this month! Venus will bring you what you want – just be careful that you distinguish reality from fantasy as everyone may be wearing rose-colored glasses.

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