Be Bright, Wear White, Spread Light

Ever wonder why Kundalini Yoga teachers wear white clothing when they teach?

I began wearing white clothing in 1994 ago after I returned from a Summer Solstice White Tantric course. Almost 25 years later, I still wear all white clothing every day of my life.  

I admit I have some cream and light beige pants and shirts tucked away in a closet that looks like an Arctic landscape. And I do refuse to wear all-white swimsuits (have to draw a fashion line somewhere).

But when I get up every morning, I may not know exactly what I will wear, but I am certain of the color.

Why? It works. Wearing white is a sadhana or spiritual practice in itself. You have to be mindful and take care to keep yourself clean throughout the day. White is unforgiving and bleach bills add up.

Yet something remarkable happens when you go all white. Our teacher Yogi Bhajan described the practice of wearing white this way: “Wear white so that you will reflect what is outside and go inside yourself.”

When you wear white you challenge yourself to be seen, to be recognized, and to advertise who you are. Wearing white increases your radiance, your projection, and your aura. While black conceals you, white reveals you.

Yogi Bhajan once said that when you wear white, people will know who to ask for when they need help. People will treat you differently – are you ready?

It is a scientific fact,” he said, “when we wear white, this color therapy increases the aura by one extra foot.” The aura is both our field of protection and projection. It is how people first encounter you, evaluate you and ultimately know you.

White is the sum of all colors, not the absence.  In 1975, Yogi Bhajan said: “We wanted to develop a very fast, progressive, spiritual and technical method of all the colors, so we have adopted the one color of the seven colors, which is white. To you, white is just one color, but to me it is the total balance of seven colors.” 

I have found that after wearing white for so long, it becomes nearly impossible to wear other colors. It’s like you are only getting one of your color vitamins. And black? Forget about it. If you want to feel totally contracted and less than what you are, slip into something black.

In some ways, wearing white is the easiest and most challenging sadhana. Easy because all you do is put on some clothes that happen to be white and simply wear them. Challenging because it will change the projections that people put upon you and how you must change to meet those projections by agreeing to live in your higher consciousness.

As I approach my 10,000 days of wearing white I have experienced how this technology works, quietly, effectively, and thoroughly every day in every way.

Change your clothes and change your life. It’s a secret worth sharing.

Want go white? Try it for 40 days. An early Kundalini meditation practice given nearly 50 years ago was to wear all white for 40 days and meditate on the sound current of Sa Ta Na Ma for 2 ½ hours daily.

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