The Shortest Kundalini Yoga Meditation Ever

Meditations in the Kundalini Yoga tradition are typically 11 minutes or 31 minutes in length.

And there are some meditations that can be practiced for 2 ½ hours (and even beyond!) and there are actually a good number of meditations that are effective at 3 minutes.

But what is the shortest Kundalini Yoga meditation? How about 75 seconds.

The Value of Meditation in a Fast-Paced World – International Yoga Festival  and Health Expo


This is a fairly simple meditation that is quite challenging which is based on an extended breath retention.

It has four variations with different effects, depending on the mudra that is used:

Gyan Mudra – thumb tip to index finger tip (Wisdom and expansion)

Shani Mudra – thumb tip to middle finger (Discipline and commitment)

Surya Mudra – thumb tip to ring finger (Vitality and health)

Budha Mudra – thumb tip to little finger (Intuition and communication)

Here is how it is done –

  1. Select one of the four mudras and use both hands.
  2. Do some exercises (long deep breathing, breath of fire) to open your lungs and expand your lung capacity.
  3. When you are ready, exhale your breath completely and deeply out. Then inhale fully and retain your breath.
  4. Shake the hands with the mudra very vigorously while holding the breath in for exactly 75 seconds – no more, no less.
  5. Then exhale and relax the breath and the hands. 

Remember that mudras are powerful conductors and circuits for moving energy and prana. With all your prana (breath) retained, the intense shaking activates the mudras even more powerfully.

No time to meditate? Not anymore!


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