Kundalini Journey Coming Home

Every spiritual path requires the soul to make the journey from individual consciousness to universal consciousness, to realize the infinite in the finite and to experience the atman (individual soul) in the Mahatma (the Great Soul).

Yoga is one such path, yet there is sometimes a misunderstanding about the nature of this journey, even among those who practice yoga as their spiritual discipline. What they fail to recognize is that you cannot simply go directly from individual to universal consciousness.

Yogi Bhajan, the master of Kundalini Yoga, said it this way: “The progression of developing your spiritual consciousness is threefold: Individual consciousness, through group consciousness, to infinite consciousness.”

Group consciousness is exemplified by the early spiritual communities that evolved around the great spiritual teachers throughout history where aspirants and devotees gathered together to put the teachings into a practice and to have the practical experience of applying the teachings to daily living.

While the spiritual journey of an individual is always made alone, it does not have to be lonely if there is the experience of moving through group consciousness. Yogi Bhajan observed that while “loneliness is the saddest thing on the Earth, group consciousness takes away the loneliness… you have many brothers and sisters. And this is a unique power. This is a unique virtue; it is a unique straight strength—when these brothers and sisters and goodness inspire you to the goodness of yourself, and you know you are good, and around you there is the goodness of all your brothers and sisters.”

How can we experience group consciousness during our Kundalini journey? In the early years of this practice, students lived together in ashrams throughout the world. We would work together, eat together, and do our morning sadhana together every day.

There is a profound change that occurs when you are always in the “company of the holy” where each participant agrees to be a mirror to reflect your higher consciousness. Progress accelerates, old patterns are recognized, and commitment to the path is reinforced.

While the ashram model is not to be found readily in the present, there are still ways to experience the group consciousness that Kundalini Yoga engenders.

The annual Solstice celebrations in America and Kundalini Yoga festival in Europe is an international gathering of the tribe for a week at a time where students and teachers meet and practice in a profound sense of purpose and group energy.

There are the weekly Kundalini Yoga classes of course and workshops of course, yet the closest model we have today in the absence of the ashrams and daily living together is the Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training programs where students form an on-going community and group consciousness over a usual 6 to 12 month process.

It is these extended teacher training programs that allow us to fully appreciate and understand group consciousness and friendships are formed here that last a lifetime.

And the other secret is that teacher training is not so much about learning to be a teacher but perfecting your ability to be a lifelong practitioner of Kundalini Yoga and deeply connect to the conscious of a group that can take you from your individual journey to universal consciousness.

On your Kundalini path there are many ways to get back home, and the most transformational we have today is teacher training. Come join us for the first time or again!


Kundalini Level One Teacher Training

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Begins September 22, 2018

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