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Your Martian Super Powers in Vedic Astrology

Your Martian Super Powers

This month brings an unusual experience of the planet Mars in all of our lives that lasts for six months. Scorpios and Arians, whose signs are associated with Mars in Vedic astrology, will feel the effects most strongly, yet all of us will certainly have a new relationship with the powerful red planet throughout most of the rest of 2018.

On May 3rd, Mars enters the Vedic sign of Capricorn and remains there until November 6th, an unusual and extraordinarily long time because of a retrograde back and forth across the Vedic sign of Capricorn – giving us an double dose of Martian energy. For most of us, this will be the first time in our lives that this long sojourn of Mars in Capricorn has ever happened.

So what does that mean? Well normally …

Whenever a planet enters its most strongly expressive Zodiac sign (Capricorn in the case of Mars), you have the ability to advance and manifest in the area of life indicated by that sign.

For example, for a person born with either the Moon, Sun or Ascendant (rising sign) in Aries, Capricorn is the area of life connected to the career. With an exalted Mars in the career area, Aries can expect powerful results in their job, public life, or how they spend their time in the outside world.

So this sounds pretty good, and it is, yet ….

Remember that for about half of this time, Mars is retrograde, so that can mean both powerful and unexpected results in the area of life that Mars is affecting. For example, for Aries and their career, it can mean a lot of energy being expended in the area of work with generally positive results, yet also a lot of back and forth in the results that this energy produces, sometimes two steps forward and one back.

Adding to this unpredictability is the association of Mars with the Vedic planet Ketu in Capricorn all of this time. Ketu with any planet tends to do several things. First it can separate us from the planet and what it signifies. So again while there may be strong Mars energy showing up in an area of our lives, like in our career, it may seem that we are detached from it or not really synced in with it.

Secondly, Ketu is weird, unusual, and eccentric. Ketu with Mars will often manifest Martian energy in a strange way. Again in our career example for Aries, we may work hard in our job and get powerful results (after some back and forth in the middle with its retrograde) yet the results may be unexpected or due to a strange way in which we accomplished our work.

Finally and most importantly, Ketu tends to spiritualize a planet that it is with. A spiritualized exalted Mars means that if you use this time of May to November to form and hold a strong spiritual practice (sadhana) which is the gift of a strong Mars, then that area of your life that Mars affects during this time can bring forth most excellent rewards (like career for the Aries).

The bottom line is this: put the work into your spiritual life during this time with your now super-enhanced Martian ability to do a sadhana or practice, and enjoy the beautifully strange and powerful results that will manifest in the area of your life associated with the Vedic sign of Capricorn.

If you know your Vedic Moon or Ascendant sign, the list below shows the areas of life where this strong Mars energy can manifest from May to November.

If you do not know your Moon or Ascendant sign, then use the dates given below to find out your Vedic Sun sign.  

Realize that there are many other astrological factors that are influencing that area of your life besides Mars, so perhaps a good time for that astrology check-in appointment to see out what Mars has in store for you!

During May to November, you may feel the energy and results of Mars in these areas of your life:

Aries (Apr 14th – May 14th) – Career, Public recognition, Favors from authorities

Taurus (May 15th – Jun 14th) – Spirituality, Long distance travel, Teaching and teachers

Gemini (Jun 15th – Jul 17th) – Spiritual transformation, Sexuality, Secrets of life

Cancer (July 18th – Aug 15th) – Relationships, Partners, Change of scenery

Leo  (Aug 17th – Sep 16th) – Health, Service, Overcoming obstacles

Virgo (Sept 17th – Oct 17th) – Creativity, Children, Romance

Libra (Oct 18th – Nov 16th) – Home, Motherhood, Emotional well-being

Scorpio (Nov 17th – Dec 15th) – Communication, Short journeys, Siblings

Sagittarius (Dec 16th – Jan 15th) – Family, Natural talents, Diet

Capricorn (Jan 16th – Feb 12th) – Identity, Physical Body, Personality

Aquarius (Feb 13th – Mar 14th) – Meditation, Foreign Countries, Liberation

Pisces (Mar 15th – April 13th) – Friends, Community, Spiritual and financial gains