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Time for a Karmic Overhaul in Vedic Astrology

Time for a Karmic Overhaul:

Rahu & Ketu Change Vedic Signs

On September 8, the planets Rahu and Ketu enter new Vedic signs respectively, and we all get to feel the karmic repercussions.

Rahu and Ketu, the north and south nodes of the moon where eclipses occur, represent present and past karmas. Every 18 months they indicate new areas of our lives that are up for change and challenges. This month Rahu enters the Vedic sign of Cancer and Ketu goes into Capricorn.

Depending upon your Moon sign, this new planetary configuration can mean different things for different people. Yet Rahu’s entry into Cancer and Ketu’s new presence in Capricorn certainly activate what these two signs generally indicate in everyone’s life.

In general Cancer represents the hidden inner life, or the home environment, while Capricorn is the outer public life, or the career.

With Rahu in Cancer, this means we have to pay attention to the present karmas that will unfold around our emotional life, our physical and spiritual home, and even the energy surrounding the mother. This placement can also bring an incredibly heightened psychic sensitivity and increased intuition, as well as baseless phobias and emotional fears.  You will need to have a balanced relationship with your emotions to prevent self-sabotaging behavior.

Ketu in Capricorn will bring to light the past karmas we have made around our work choices, as well as a tendency to perhaps separate from our current career or alternatively to spiritualize how we spend our time in the outside world. If you do not feel that your career and your dharma are in alignment, expect to deal with some dissatisfaction that can have the potential to create a change in our life work, or at least in how we relate to it, over the next 18 months.

This significant placement also brings a focus to two specific areas of your life that do depend upon your moon sign at birth. People who will feel this shift the most are those who have Rahu and Ketu in either Cancer and Capricorn in their birth chart.

This will be the case for people who are around 18, 27, 36, 45, 54, 63, 72, 81, or 90 years old during the next year and a half.

Remember that there are no good or bad astrological changes – only opportunities for growth. If you proactively engage with this new opportunity through your meditation and yoga practice, you can ride this karmic wave to an exciting new stage in your life.

A seed (bija) mantra for Rahu is RAM (rahhm) and a name mantra is Om Ram Rahvay Namaha.

A seed (bija) mantra for Ketu is HUM (huum) and a name mantra is Om Kem Ketahvay Namaha.

To work beneficially with the energies of Rahu, we can practice Bhakti Yoga (devotional chanting) and be aligned with a clear tradition and constant discipline.  Rahu asks that we release addictions and detach from the mind’s strong desires. We need to channel and express personal ambitions and desires toward a higher and spiritual goal, without becoming obsessed. And overcome fear by developing spiritual strength, esoteric knowledge, faith, devotion and detachment.

To help with the energies of Ketu, we practice self-inquiry (Gyan Yoga) and develop our power of concentration. Ketu asks that we release guilt about the past and spiritualize all areas of our lives. Practice meditation, introspection, renunciation, study ancient spiritual disciplines, and follow our intuition. It’s a good time to clear the mental impressions and tendencies we bring from the past lives.

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