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It’s Our Karma – Maybe, in Vedic Astrology

It’s Our Karma – Maybe

In my last astrology newsletter, the Vedic planet Rahu was designated as the harbinger of the current virus outbreak. Its current position is in the same area of the zodiac where it was when the 9/11 crisis occurred.

To be clear, planets do not make things happen. They simply indicate when it is time for something to happen.

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Rahu is a shadow planet that is associated with eclipses, represents collective trends, fads, large-scale delusions, epidemics and psychic disturbances. There is often an unusual bent associated with Rahu that gives rise to the world of illusion represented by social media, rumors, and crowd behavior.

In Vedic legend, Rahu is a head without a body, the half of a demon who dared to steal and drink the immortal nectar from the other planetary beings before he was cut in half for his boldness.  

Rahu is our present and emerging karma, reminding us, sometimes explosively, where we must put our drive and ambition to reach our spiritual goals. It has been said that Rahu is often the source of the divine discontent that causes the soul to constantly incarnate in search of the ultimate accomplishment.

Ultimately, Rahu is about channeling and expressing our personal drives and ambitions toward our highest self and spiritual goals.

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And what does that mean for us today in the midst of a Rahu rampage, where everything is changing moment to moment, and truth can become lost in the moment of illusion, fear or fantasy? 

Currently Rahu is moving through the area of the zodiac that is akin to its location almost 19 years ago during the airplane terrorist attack that changed the way we view and travel in the world around us. We are approaching the same peak of intensity that was with us for several weeks and months after that attack.

If the astrological conditions hold similar to what happen back in 2001, then the storm can begin to pass in May, with a major shift after the solar eclipse on June 21 (summer solstice in the northern hemisphere), and starting to settle into whatever the new normal looks like by the September equinox.

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For all of its disturbances, upheavals and challenges, however, Rahu also has its positive expression. 

Through the energy this planet represents, we are better able to understand the subconscious and unconscious mind and the hidden aspects of ourselves that project onto the outer world. Rahu is the planet of therapy.

We can use this ability to deeply introspect and self-study and ultimately to detach from the mind’s strong desires and fantasies – the ultimate goal of therapy. Rahu can teach us to overcome our fear and our self-delusions through our spiritual strength and channel our commotion into devotion.

Light comes from dark, order follows chaos, and just like the eclipses that Rahu creates, we can emerge from the shadow of the self that conceals our true nature.

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